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Coming Right Along

The last few weeks have been.well.pretty good.  I've felt more focused and I've been a bit more active. 

Slowly, I'm pushing away some of my bad habits and trying to replace them with better ones.  Here are some good ones that I've started up..

1. Working out in the morning.  Nothing serious yet, but I've been on the rowing machine.  Each week I add just a bit more to my routine.  I don't spend so much time on it that I get bored.  But it does get the blood running and it does wake me up.

2. Smoothie breakfasts. We bought a Ninja.  One of those kitchen Ninjas.  And a few books on how to make super food smoothies.  It keeps us honest since we do it together and I really think I'm feeling better, in part, because of it.

3. Weekly shopping trips.  This goes back to the saying, "if you don't plan your food, your food will plan you". Since we have food in the house to cook, we are less likely to stuff ourselves with junk or go out to eat (also junk).

Its not big.but it is starting to take hold.  My weight is starting to drop off and like I mentioned before, I'm feeling better.  So I plan on taking this foundation and making the best out of it. 

Not anything else to report at this point.  But had the urge to get my thoughts out of my head.so I'm doing it. 

Oh!  And one more thing.  I found out that the cat food that we'd been getting at our local pet supply store was WAY overpriced.  I found out that by getting it from Amazon.com we could save nearly $700 a year.  So sign me up!  We just got our first delivery last week.  So we had to rearrange our pantry for that.

Okay.now I'm done.


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