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Happy Birthday to Me

Here it is June and I'm down 31 pounds.  I'd really hoped to be much farther along than this but 31 pounds in 6 months really isn't that bad.  Plus, I had a number of distractions during that time.  I'm hoping the second half of the year will go better.


I'm running more now.  This last Saturday I pushed my long run out to 5 files.  There's a fair bit of walking in there (half) but still, its 5 miles.  I'll spend the next few weeks reducing the amount of walking and increasing my running.

My short run is staying at 5k (3.1 miles).  This week I'm pushing the amount of running that I'm doing within that 3.l miles to about 2.25 miles.  So it is like this.

  • Walk .25 miles
  • Run .75 miles
  • Walk .25 miles
  • Run .75 miles
  • Walk .25 miles
  • Run .75 miles

The extra .1 miles I walk or run, whatever I feel like doing. 

This is making my run segments so long now.  Going from running .5 mile segments to .75 mile segments is rough at first. 


I've finally cut almost all the soda out of my diet and switched to water.  I still have a couple on my cheat day, but that's when I'm allowed.


According to my Body Bugg, my metabolism has finally started to kick into high gear.  So I've got the right mix of activity and calories.  I had one day last week that I almost burned 4000 calories.  I'm not always burning that much but that's a huge number.especially for a man in his.<sigh>..mid-40s.

Speaking of the Body Bugg, it now allows you to post your numbers to Facebook.  So if anyone wants to see what I'm doing, I'm on Facebook.

Okay.keeping it short this time.  I've got stuff to do before my wife gets home.

Now get out there and do some running!  It will get you in shape for when the zombie apocalypse begins.

Technical Goo

The company I use to post my blogs (Blogger.com) has changed some stuff and no longer supports FTP posting.  Since this was always my primary way of accessing TokenFatGuy.com this is messing up how I post.  So I'm not sure when I'll be able to get this posted.

<time passes>

Actually, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  The directions were just funky.  Just had to change my settings and create a quick DNS cname record.  And to be honest it allowed me to create a subdomain for my blog.  Which is something I've been wanting to do for a while.  This just forced me to do it.

Now people can get to my blog by using the subdomain.  So instead of going to..


.now you can just go to.


The old link still works.sort of.  It won't take you to any of my newer posts.  Which means I need to go back and verify all my old links.  But I needed to so that anyway because of other issues I was having.

Plus, all my front page links are busted.  But its all fixable.

Oh.and I suppose I should put a zombie picture so I can test the functionality of posting pictures.


I love this fan!


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