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Still on Track

Caught a cold a couple of weeks ago and had to slow down on my running.  Didn't want a repeat of what happened to me last year.  But after a week and some antibiotics I was back out at the track again.  I'm up to 3 miles, 2 of that is running.

Progress Report

Stepped on the scales for my Saturday weigh-in and saw a 278!  That's down 29 pounds so far.  Its been slow going but I think it is starting to take off now.

Diet - My diet is still not where I want it yet.  I've increased my protein intake but not as high as it should be and I'm not getting near enough veggies yet.

Workouts - Along with my running, I'm doing my weight training.  The weight training up until this week has been kind of lazy.  I'm just doing the same routine over and over and over again.  I haven't changed it out since I started it up again.  So this weekend I put together a completely new routine that will challenge my muscles.  I'm expecting good things from that.

Water - I'm drinking more.but still not enough. 

Website - I've been studying lately and haven't put much time into the site. 

I'm going to keep it short this posting.  Just wanted to get something out there to let everyone know I'm still on track.  In fact as soon as I post this, I am GOING TO THE TRACK.  Get it? 

Now go get some work done!


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