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October 14, 2008

Random Stuff (again)

Sometimes I just don't have enough to make a full blown blog.  But I do have a bunch of smaller disconnected thoughts that I like to give time to as well.  So here goes...

On Vacation

Thanks to my annual Halloween vacation, I'm free to go back to the YMCA and attend my old 'Stay Fit' class.  Had a killer workout.  I'll probably be sore for a couple days.  I checked out their website a couple of days ago, expecting that my picture and blurb would have been replaced by now, but found that it was still there....


It was nice to see everyone there again. I even got a couple compliments on my progress.  One member told me that he didn't recognize me at first.  I really miss seeing the staff.  They all seem genuinely interested in talking to me about how I'm doing. 

Run Fat Boy Run

I had pushed my long run up to 9 miles then I messed up my ankle a while back and had to stop for about three weeks.  After that, I've been starting over and increasing my miles again...more slowly this time.  I'm up to five miles on my long run.  Not too bad. 

Last weekend I did another 5k (3.1 miles).  They didn't have chip times so I have no idea how well I did.  I have my gun time but I was pretty far back and it took me a few minutes just to get to the starting line.  But it felt good to run another race after having been out of the game.

The 'Lung Strong' race is this coming weekend.  I'm thinking of doing the shorter 5k option (I'm not ready for the 15k yet).  I'm not decided yet.

Race Day Pictures

I finally located my camera's USB cable.  So I can show some of my race day pictures.  Here's a couple from my first 5k. In this first one you can see me a bit behind the woman in the lime-green top.  I'd just passed several people and was trying to catch up to her on the final few yards.  At this point it was me, then her, then the finish line.


Then here is me using up the dregs of my energy in a last stitch effort to pass just one more person and finish strong.  Notice the Token Fat Guy shirt.....


And here's me crossing the finish line.  Oh...where's number 231?  Crying her eyes out over being smoked by Token Fat Guy!  Not really....I'm sure she's fine.  NOTE:  The displayed time is my gun time.  My chip time was only 33:27.


Now let's look at last weekend's 5k.  I'm the guy in the back in the red/black.  I'd already started my death run.  According to my wife I almost knocked some one over.  Sorry about that.  When it happened, I had thought I neatly side stepped her.  But I was a sweaty mess...so I might have been sloppy about it.  The funny thing about this finish is the numbers.  I'm wearing 902...the woman in the red/black is wearing 903.  Anyway, you can see I'm behind a few people here. 


This one's a bit blurry....I guess I was just moving too fast (joking).  Anyway, I'd pushed passed this group of slow pokes and had a pretty good speed going at this time. 


And 902 passes up 903.....


No finish line shot.  And I did pass a couple more on the way there.  The area around the finish line was pandemonium.  This was a WAY bigger race than my first 5k.  My first race had 463 people that finished.  The one from last week had 819 people finish.  No telling how many people couldn't finish either race.  I saw people drop doing both of them.

Extra special thanks to my lovely wife, Heather, for coming out and taking pictures for me.

Anyway, that's all I have for this week.  And if I don't do another entry before Halloween, have a happy one!


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Blogger Daddy v1.0 said...

Congrats...good time. Come on down to Ocean Isle Beach in January for their 5k run. Get to go over the Intracoastal Waterway (BIG BRIDGE) twice!

October 30, 2008 at 9:36 AM  

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