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August 27, 2008


Hi everyone!  Sorry I'm running so late this week but I've been really busy with one thing or another.  Anyway...this week's topic is friction. 

As a new runner, I'm having to deal with friction more and more.  From the universal problem of thighs rubbing together to runner specific problems like runner's nipple, body friction can seriously hamper your workout enjoyment.  So today I'm going to make three recommendations based on what I've learned.

Body Glide - This stuff is amazing.  I'd not heard of it until about two months ago.  It is kind of like a stick deodorant in shape and how it is put on.  I got it after the first time I ran 5 miles....and one of my nipples got all inflamed. 

Since using this product, I haven't had a problem.  Now I put it on my feet too.  It helps protect the skin on my feet from all most of the friction that comes with running.  bodyG

Body Glide!  Good stuff! 

Compression Shorts - A while back, when I got too small for my old XXL sweat pants I went out and bought a few of these and some shorts to wear over them.  I wish I'd tried this MUCH earlier in my journey.  One of the problem big people have when they start exercising is their thighs rubbing together.  I've suffered from rashes, gouging, and boils....just from all the fiction of my legs rubbing together.


But no more!  Not a single problem since I upgraded my workout gear to include compression shorts.

Duct Tape - You heard me....duct tape.  About a month ago I got a REALLY bad blister on the back of my heal.  This blister is partly due to a deformity of my heal bone.  I have extra bone back there and it sticks out.  So any running shoe that I get CONSTANTLY rubs on that spot...and to make matters worse, I have to wear a shoe that is slightly bigger so as to have room for this super bone.  So again, my shoe slips around in the back and rubs that small, boney protrusion. 

I have a pretty good callous there but it can only protect me from so much.  When my running mileage started to increase, this became more of a problem.  Lately, I've been worried about more blisters...causing more hang-ups in my workout schedule. 

I've been told by a number of sources...tape it up!  However, I've been very skeptical.  Part of it was...well...the cost...or the lack of cost, really.

I wear a nice Polar heart rate monitor, UA compression shorts, UA socks, Brookes running shoes....and you want me to wrap my feet with $3/roll duct tape?  Really?  You've got to be putting me on!  No way....tape

But eventually, I gave it a try.  On one of my short runs, I put a single piece of tape on the back of my heal.  Then put the rest of my foot gear on.  Cautiously I took a few steps.  It didn't feel too weird.  Yeah...I guess I could run in this. 

It was like night and day.  That constant rubbing on my heal was GONE.  I couldn't feel a thing.  The tape hung tight to my heal and took the brunt of the friction.  To me, it was like my shoe never slipped at all. 

Later that week I tried it on my long run....9 miles baby!  No blister....no raw skin.  It was fantastic!

I'm sure there are other tricks out there, and as I discover them....I'll blog them.  So stay tuned....

Progress Report

I stepped on the scales and found that I'm ALMOST back to where I was before I skipped out for 3 weeks.  Less than a pound to go.

As stated earlier, my long run is up to 9 miles.  I might have to throttle that back a bit as I did have an ankle injury this passed week.  Not during my run....but I can't help but think it might be related.  Anyway, I'm thinking of toning it back a bit. 


I can't add to this.  Its funny on its own.....

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Blogger Emma said...

Token Fat Tape. Snort. I'm having a bad day and Token Fat Tape totally made me smile.

Under Armour has pants up to 3XL in men's theoretically my size. if I get caught wearing them will the gender enforcement police book me for a violation. (Why they don't have woman's Items up to 3 4 and 5 X I don't know. If any one needs compression pants its a woman who wears a 3X for heaven sakes. Wouldn't you think. I'm so glad that duct tape turns the trick. They have it in other colors in case you are fashion conscious.

Token Fat tape. You know what I am going to say. Token FIT tape.. Heh heh.


August 28, 2008 at 1:44 PM  
Blogger Ellie said...

Never underestimate the power of the duct tape.

August 30, 2008 at 10:51 AM  

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