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August 11, 2008

First off....

First off, I want to say 'thank you' to my loyal readers.  I had been worried that taking a couple weeks off without warning would cause some of you to lose interest and drop out of sight.

Not so...

So far people have been very supportive about my two week sojourn.  I want to thank you all for being patient with me.

Back to the beginning

One of the things that worried me most about taking any time off from my training schedule comes from something I read somewhere that said it takes a few weeks of 'not running' before you start to lose the distance you worked so hard to achieve.

The maximum that ever managed to run was 6 miles.  If you missed the story on how that run went, then check out the blog....

TFG Runs 6 Miles

Keeping in mind what I went through just to get that far, I wasn't wild about losing it.  And so it came to pass that when I started running again, I managed about 3 miles.

However, I became filled with hope when two days later I ran 4 miles without difficultly.  So today when I was running I was hoping to do another 4 miles.

While I was approaching the 2 mile mark I took stock of how I was feeling.  Everything felt fine...no reason to turn around yet.  And the morning was nice and cool...seemed a shame to cut the run short.  I bet I could do 5 miles again.

Then it occurred to me...I keep saying I'm training to become an endurance runner, maybe it is time I start acting like one.  Yea Robert...surprise yourself...NO ROBERT....AMAZE YOURSELF.

So I ran out to the 3.25 mile marker....running back to the .25 mile marker.  For a total of 6.25 miles....just over 10k!  First time I've EVER gone that far.

So I didn't really lose anything after all.  And funny thing, it wasn't nearly as painful as the time I ran 6 miles....not even close.

So now that I've run 10k, I'm not so nervous about the race I'm signing up for next month.

That's really about all for this week.  So this week's blog is going to be short.

Maybe next week I'll get some help with my blog.....


NOTE:  Friends visiting from Spark People be sure to check out the home page to get your humor fix.  And those of you that are hitting the site from elsewhere, check out my page on Spark People.


Blogger Erik said...

In Google Reader, the title of this blog shows up as "Token Fat Guy...on a ..."

And every time I look at it, my mind fills in "...on a steek". :)

August 12, 2008 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger emergence said...

Great job! I love your Corgi.

August 12, 2008 at 11:59 AM  

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