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June 16, 2008

92 Pound Blog

It finally happened.  I stepped on the scales Sunday and found that my weight was down to 200 pounds.  Which makes my total loss 92 pounds.

Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that every 10 pounds or so I try to get some perspective on my weight loss by looking at things that weigh as much as I've lost.  Such blog entries are.....

So let's take a look at some things that weigh 92 pounds

First let's take a look at a segment from the show 'Maury'.

The following picture of Darin Open shows him holding his prize catch, a bighead carp weighing 92 pounds.  Opel had shot this monster with his compound bow, jumped into the water, got him into a bearhug, and fought him all the way to the shore.

Ironically, Darin is allergic to fish. 644-big_fish_1_standalone_prod_affiliate_98

The Larin METS-1 Mobile Engine Testing Station costs $579.99 and weighs 92 pounds.  It is ideal for testing, break-in, leak detection, demonstration, assembly, and detailing.  A 'must have' for automotive shops, racing teams, schools, and hot rod enthusiasts. 41PnzqHejfL__SS500_

Shown in use here...11mside 

...this 11m RHIB Vented Boat Cover by JHRG can be rolled up and 'easily' carried.  The protective covering weighs 92 pounds.  Now you just need big guy to tote it for you...


The ORBCOMM satellite operates twenty-nine satellites in six orbital planes that provide worldwide coverage.  Here on Earth this marvel of technology weighs 92 pounds.orbcomm2

The 'Joshua Kennels' is home to many American Bulldogs.  One of the favorite 'studs' is Apache, who is known for his high intelligence.  And, of course, he weighs in at 92 pounds.S8001301

The first American to fly in space, Alan Shepard, was also one of 12 people to walk on the moon.  During is historic moon walk, he collected rocks and soil samples that when brought back to Earth weighed 92 pounds.Alan_Shepard_Autopen_Litho_large

While we are talking about history, the first portable electric vacuum was invented in 1905 by Chapman and Skinner in San Francisco. It weighed 92 pounds and used a fan 18 inches in diameter to produce the suction. app_skinner1905

Progress report

After my birthday 5k, I've been taking it easy on the running this week....giving my legs some recovery time.  But yesterday I ran 3 miles and tried to keep my heart rate between 138 and 145 bpm.

Speaking of running...I made a mistake at my 5k.  They give you a 'chip' to attach to your shoe so they can record your start time and stop time.  I say GIVE...but really it is a loan.  I didn't know that.  Its still tied to my running shoe.  A couple days ago I got a nasty email from them saying they were going to bill me for it if I didn't bring it back.  Oops...my bad.

While looking at this picture, one of my coworkers asked me if I had gotten lap band surgery.  I told him 'no', but took it as a compliment.


TFG Makes Surprise Gym Visit

Its nice to reach a point where the entire gym staff not only knows you but also knows what you normally do.  Last week a couple of the staff at the YMCA commented when I came in to do weightlifting.  I normally do all my lifting at home, so this was an unexpected occurrence. 

The reason was the air conditioner in my house went out and it was just too hot to do a proper workout.  So I took my workout check list and implemented 'plan B'.  When it comes to your daily workout, I think it is important to have a 'plan B' in case life throws you a curve.  Otherwise, it is just too easy to take off a day.

That's about it for this week.  Biker-Dog says, "Remember to walk your dog...or I'll BITE YOU."


NOTE:  Friends visiting from Spark People be sure to check out the home page to get your humor fix.  And those of you that are hitting the site from elsewhere, check out my page on Spark People.


Blogger Code Pirate said...

Great before and after pics... Keep up the good work.

June 16, 2008 at 2:23 PM  
Blogger Val said...

I found your page through Sparkpeople and wanted to tel you how hilarious and MOTIVATIONAL you are! Amazing before and after pics. Congratulations!!!

June 16, 2008 at 7:55 PM  
Blogger Lybbe said...

Happy belated birthday - and kudos to you for sticking with your program. You must feel like a whole new man!

Lybbe from Rookie Runners

June 17, 2008 at 5:39 AM  

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