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May 27, 2008

There's a Hole...

This was a post that I created for one of my friends on Spark People.  I thought it was pretty good for being 'off the cuff'.  So I decided to use it for my blog too.  Enjoy...

You have a hole inside of you. You feel that something is missing. There is a hole inside of you.

You feel alone, empty...there is a hole inside of you.

I know...I have one too. It is a longing I can't understand...a powerful need that screams out and cannot be ignored.

Do you feel it? Do you feel the void within calling out to you?


We all have the hole...what is different is how we choose to fill it. But take it from a guy who once weighed nearly 300 pounds...food won't fill that void...EVER. You can eat and eat and eat...stuff yourself completely...wash it down with sodas...the void still calls out...it still hungers...and with each hunger pang, you feel more powerless to control it.

Any of this hitting close to home?

Food won't satisfy your desire...not ever. That's because the hole isn't physical...and food is.

So often we confuse our needs with hunger...I know..I was there. I used to send my wife out to stay with her mother so I could order my binge pizza without her around to judge me. I remember thinking to myself, "I'll get my pizza and my B5 DVDs setup. And it will be a marathon! It will be glorious."

I actually described pizza as being 'glorious'. But it isn't. Food is fuel...nothing more. Sometimes it can be dressed up to taste special...but in the end it is just fuel.

Does this mean I've given up on my favorite foods? Not by a long shot. I still enjoy all the things I used to enjoy. I'm just smart about it now. Moderation is my watch word. For years food worked against me. Now I make it work for me.

As for the hole...its still there. But I hear its message more clearly now.


Progress Report

Weighed in at 203 pounds this last Sunday.  Making my total weight loss 89 pounds.

My lovely wife, Heather, bought me some new polo shirts to wear.  They have little skulls all over them.  Knowing that I would be able to fit into them soon, she got them at a size L(arge).  I started wearing them last week.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I'm thinking about doing a new picture for my 'before/during/after' shots.  Maybe in a week or two.


Ugly Dog says, "Go get some exercise!"

NOTE:  Friends visiting from Spark People be sure to check out the home page to get your humor fix.  And those of you that are hitting the site from elsewhere, check out my page on Spark People.


Blogger Token Fat Guy said...

Opps...I accidentally deleted someone's comment. That's what I get for checking the site when I'm half asleep.


May 27, 2008 at 8:16 AM  
Blogger Joey G said...

"Food is fuel...nothing more."

You said a mouthful, brother. I think I've found my profound quote of the day. I look forward to reading more. Thanks!

joey g

June 29, 2008 at 5:50 PM  

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