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April 28, 2008

TFG's New Shoes

I finally did it.  Now that I'm running again, I finally broke down and got some real running shoes.  The experience was educational and fun.  Of course some of that was because of the hotie salesgirl at TrySports that took such good care of me. 

Once I let them know that I was looking for a running shoe, they measured me and had me up on the treadmill, taking a look at how I step.  After a few minutes of settling into a good run, they recorded what my feet were doing so they could not only show me, but find a shoe best suited to my needs. 

Since I have low arches, I have a moderate level of 'pronation'.  This means that when my foot comes down, it rolls into my arch farther than it should.  overpro

So they fitted me with a shoe that corrects this by adding additional support to my arch and it also helps to propel me forward.

One pair of the shoes was just awful...it felt like there was a balled up sock in my arch area.  But the rest were pretty good.  I found one that was really comfortable for me...and I got to see what my running looked like in those too.

TrySport really did a great job with me.  I look forward to taking my lovely wife Heather there next week.

Now I really look forward to running.  But I need to keep a log of my running.  Apparently, a good running shoe is only good for about 300-400 miles.  After that, they've worn down to where they are not giving ample support. 

I ran about 2.5 mile the other day...I could do more but I'm still working up to it...being careful.  I don't want another setback.  I'll run more next week...just a little.

Update on the Poison Ivy

What a drag this is...it still hasn't gone away.  I've been to the doctor twice about this and it is taking forever. 

The good news about it is that the steroid that they put me on to help get rid of it, is NOT having the feared weight gain effect I thought it would.  In fact I've lost weight last week.  Two pounds...for a grand total of 81 pounds....making my new weight, 211 pounds.

I've been getting all sorts of compliments on my weight loss lately.  One of the guys at work said I don't even look like 'me' anymore.  I told him that I DO look like me...like me before I got fat.  I knew what he meant...I was just being difficult for fun.

NOTE:  Very few of my coworkers knew me before I gained the weight.  So they are just used to seeing me big.

New Segment...TFG Workout

There is something about losing weight that when you hit a certain mark, people become all curious about how you did it.  Most are looking for a magic bullet answer...but some are genuinely curious to what you are doing in your diet and/or workouts.  So in answer to the emails and posts that I get, I'm starting this new segment that will highlight some of the things that I do.  It is not meant to be an overall plan...just a window into what's going on. 

This week's highlight is on one of my chest exercises...Around the World

I do two pyramids of chest exercises on my 'chest day'.  The second is this little baby I found on bodybuilder.com


The main muscles worked are the the chest...with an assist by your shoulders

  • Pectoral - Chest
  • Deltiod - Shoulder 

The movement is like making snow angels....out and around....and back again.  When I first started doing this exercise, I could only manage about 5 pounds on each side.  I've worked up to 12 reps at 17.5 pounds (each side).  But by the time I'm done with my final set, my chest is ready for me to stop. 

Here is a link to a video on Bodybuilder that shows the full motion...

Around the World

I really like this exercise because unlike most chest exercises, it doesn't really engage the triceps too much.  So I can do my first pyramid (which DOES use the tricep), then do a pyramid of 'Around the World'...and by the time I'm done, my chest is finished and my triceps have rested enough that I can focus on them...and they are still warmed up...so I can skip my warm up sets.

Be sure you stretch your muscles...especially your shoulders....before attempting this little beauty.  And you have issues with your rotator cuff, you might want to just give it a pass.

Well...that about wraps it up for today.  Spark People, be sure to check out the home page for you fix of cartoon nonsense...

Home Page....with zombies! 


Sexy French Maid....that's just wrong....


Blogger Emma said...

No the french maid is perfect. What is the name of the ultra cool shoe store that is so high tech as to show you how the shoe hits? I hope there is one around here. That's awesome. The trick to getting rid of the Poison Ivy is to make sure you use a degreaser on your clothes. You could be re-exposing yourself.

Poor Baby, I hope it's over soon. Nothing itches worse.


April 28, 2008 at 4:34 PM  
Blogger Token Fat Guy said...

Hi Emma

The name of the play is Try Sports...or TrySports

April 28, 2008 at 4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rob - good to see you at the Village Y this AM. 81lbs is AMAZING. Keep up the good job. It's great to know you in the before and after phases. See you at the gym..

April 30, 2008 at 12:46 AM  
Blogger Token Fat Guy said...

Wow! It was really cool bumping into you, Eric. I'll keep an eye out for you at that gym. Good luck at your testing.

April 30, 2008 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Medicines for poison ivy is typically a corticosteroid - not an anabolic one. (can cause water retention, but little else)?

Trust me - if they were handing out Anabolic steroids for poison Ivy - Pat would have a case year round.... lol

April 30, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

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