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April 21, 2008

The Good

Last week I went to my doctor to find out how my MRI looked.  The good news is that I don't have a stress fracture.  More good news is that he okayed me to try to start running again.

So for my circuit training, I did use the treadmill when I was supposed to, but I didn't go that fast...at all.

Then this Saturday came...the day I normally go in for just running.  I went to the gym and ran...slow at first...speeding up a little....taking it easy.  Worked up to 5 mph...for about 2 miles.  No problems....but it was SO VERY FUSTRATING.  I know I can go faster, but I'm taking it easy for now. 

It did feel good.  I've missed it.  However, this marks a serious lesson learned.  In the past, I've let injury or illness completely derail me.  I've finally learned the lesson that my plan doesn't have to be 100% correct for me to stay on track.

Note:  The last time I had a derailment, I gained back about 30 pounds.  The time before that, I gained about...oh it is too depressing to say.  So this is a big lesson for me.  I'm so happy I finally learned it, that I could just dance...


I had a huge compliment from one of my coworkers a few weeks back and keep forgetting to post it.  I hadn't seen him in a few weeks, so the difference in my appearance must have been pretty pronounced.  Anyway, he commented on how much better I looked.  I thought that would be the end of it.

About 15 minutes later he came to me and asked, "What is the address for that weight loss site you run?"  Later, I stopped by his workstation and found him reading my blog entries. 

It is nice when people notice the difference in the way I look but it is really cool when it leads some one to want to read my story.

The Bad

While I lost another pound last week, I may not see anymore for a couple weeks.  A new prescription from my doctor has an anabolic steroid in it...so I'm likely to gain a few pounds temporarily. 

While this is a minor set back, I know it isn't forever.  I'll continue on like it isn't happening.   

Finally had to break down and buy new underwear.  I've been putting it off because I wanted my old stuff to wear out before I replaced it.  But it is ridiculously lose on me now.  I bought it when I was a size 42, and I'm a size 34 or 33 now. 

Also, I got some new shorts for running.  I'd been wearing sweat-pants...but those wear out in the thigh so fast.  Even if I skip wearing them when I work out from home.  But that seems to upset the cats...


And the Ivy 

And why am I on a steroid?  Two words...poison ivy.  This stupid weed has popped up in my yard and I didn't even notice it when I was clearing away some of the overgrowth.  So I've got some nasty looking breakouts on both my forearms.  Luckily that is the only place I got it. 

Progress Report

Weighed in at 213 pounds....for a total loss of 79 pounds.  So very close to a nice round 80 pounds (actually I was only .2 pounds from it).  But I don't count that way.  I'll take the 1 pound loss and be happy with it.

Saw one of my friends that I haven't seen in a few weeks....she said I looked good.  I was really glad about that because I was wearing a sleeveless shirt...and was a bit nervous about my appearance. 

My two friends, Mike and Mary are doing great on their diets, having both lost a pretty good amount of weight for such a short time.  If you are curious about them, Mike runs a site kind of like mine.....

Code Pirate Ship

I'll let him explain how they are doing.  I don't want to take any of their thunder.

I've been trying to encourage them to start lifting weights.  Not too serious...just enough to offset the muscle that is lost from having a long term caloric deficit. 

Mike has a Bowflex that is similar to mine...his is actually nicer in a few aspects.  Like it has this series of pulleys that make switching exercises WAY more simple and faster.

We were over at their place for a bit yesterday, so I jumped on the Bowflex and did a few work up sets...then I loaded it up with all the weight his system is currently setup for....210 pounds (he can upgrade it by another 200 pounds).  I did a set of 12 reps while it maxed out. 

The whole thing was to get him interested in lifting again.  Of course he reads my blog and will now know what I was up to. 

He can start out small...maybe with an invisible barbell.  


Now get out of here and go do some exercises...

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Why do I get the feeling you are talking about me???

April 21, 2008 at 11:20 PM  

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