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February 25, 2008

Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall

Its sort of funny how we think of our bodies....and don't tell anyone.  We give names or titles to our body parts...names that no one ever hears...and that we have no intentions of telling others.

I used to think of myself as a solid wall of fat.  And when I was at 292 pounds, it isn't really that much of a stretch.  I'd look in the mirror and just see so much fat that it just seemed like instead of having layers of fat...I had a wall.


But recently, I've had to change my opinion of how I looked.  While I'm still pretty fat, I don't see that wall anymore.  There are a few spots that I'm actually pleased with.  And those spots have separated my fat into pockets...or fat zones. 

Hey this is pretty big for me!  I have fat ZONES now...instead of a wall.  Here are my zones....

  • Bottom of my pecs
  • High point of my triceps
  • Belly (of course)
  • Obliques (darn love handles)
  • Top of the thigh

Of course these should reduce as I continue to lose more and more of my overall percentage of body fat.  But the wall is gone...only zones remain.


I had a bit if a set back.  Last week my left shin started bothering me.  Since I was just starting a distance challenge with some of my new friends on Spark People, I hoped I could tough it out for awhile.  But after it became clear that it was just getting worse, I decided to drop the challenge and give my pour shin a break.

I've had shin splints before but it has been a long time.  And it isn't near as bad as then.  It isn't the painfully sharp stabbing that I had before.  It is a sort of dull, wrongness.  So most of this week, I've been taking it easy.  I have circuit training tomorrow.  I'll test how I'm doing then.  But no full out running still.

Hi Mom!

My Mom has joined Spark Pages!  She's all excited about the plans and recipes.  She finally got a page setup and started her own blog. 


Good for you mom!  I'm glad you and Dad decided to take better care of yourselves.  Spark People is just the place to help you get started.  The foods they have listed up here are pretty good.  In face here is a low calories snack that anyone can enjoy....


Progress Report

It is really hard to measure progress without my scales.  Not being able to weigh-in is driving me absolutely nutters. 

I sorted out my closet the other day.  Got rid of the shirts that are just way too big on me now.  And found an old button up shirt that I completely forgot about.  It fit...then I looked at the size.  It was a 'large'.  Not an XX-Large....not an X-Large....just a large.  Cool...I wore it to work the next day.

I picked up a size 'large' t-shirt the a few days ago.  It is way to soon to wear it but when looking in the mirror I can see where someday it will be possible. 

I started my new strength training routine last week.  The first week is usually a bust because I spend most of the workout trying to figure out at what weights I should be starting and what my new maximums are.  So today, I started out strong, hit it hard, and had a great workout.

Because of my shin problems, I had to cut out the jump rope...but I replaced it with the row machine.  I have a problem with the jump rope anyway.  I think the one I'm using is too long. 

I guess that's it for this week.  So get off my blog and go walk your butt around the block for awhile. 


Speed Dog!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everytime I read one of your blogs you make me smile and see a new light turn on. Lately I had a semi bummer week on one of the spark boards and now I am just moving on. I just went to on of my blogs that included one of your postings and things are looking up. So thank you TFG you really rock.

Glad to hear about your moms and pops. Good luck to them both. I know your mom is gonna be having fun on SP.


February 25, 2008 at 8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your blog. The cat looks like it is going to enjoy that sammie, looks like me if I don't get my meal quick enough!!!!!

February 26, 2008 at 8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again..a well written assessment of your progress..who am I a doctor?? No..I'm just impressed with how well you're doing. Good for you. And good for the folks! Nothing like an invisible 'sammie' LOL! Continue on! (lollipop62 SP)

February 26, 2008 at 4:37 PM  

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