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February 04, 2008


Before I get into the changes, I must warn everyone that an alligator has been seen wandering around my site.  Try not to be too concerned about it.  But if spotted, be sure to send me an alert.  Do not approach this vicious beast.


Now...on to the changes...

Those of you that entered the site from the front page may have noticed that I took down the top 10 count down.  Truth be told, I wasn't accurately counting it down.  I'd lose 2 pounds and I'd only mark it down once.  Or I'd drop not quite a full pound and I would still count it as a full pound.  I thought it would all average out in the end to about a pound a week.  But in the last 3 weeks I've lost 6.5 pounds....so the count down is pretty much over.  So I'll put something else there.  The count down was fun for awhile...but it is time to move on.

I've updated the weight loss page so the weight loss graph is current up to last Sunday.  I've been updating the copy on my Spark Page and sort of forgot about the other one.

I've made a couple changes on the blog page.  The first was to change how many blog entries are displayed on the current view.  So now when you scroll down, you can see last week's blog entry too.  So if you missed a week, you can find it easy.

The second change the blog was one that I've been wanting to make for awhile.  For my long time readers, you may recall a few special entries I did called "Token Fat Guy's Laws of Motion".  The first of those laws is still referred to as the funniest thing I've written.  But the problem with those entries was you had to dig through the archives to find them.  So I've added them to the 'Links' section in the pane just to the right.  Now you can go to the Laws easily.

I've continued to work on editing the archives to remove the junk characters.  Hopefully, I'll have some time to do that this weekend.

Progress Report

Something amazing has happened.  Back in December, I was experiencing a nasty plateau.  For weeks it seemed like my weight just wasn't going to move.  But I continued to keep trying.  Then my life got turned upside down when I had to make an emergency trip back to my home state of Michigan. 

When I got back, I was delighted to learn that I'd broken through the plateau with a 3 pound loss.  Then the weight kept coming off...and off...and off...

But two weeks ago it finally slowed down.  I barely lost half a pound.  So I'd assumed that I was slowing down again.  I even told a couple of my coworkers that they'd probably seen the last of my 'dramatic' weight loss.  Two days later....I weighed in 3 pounds lighter.

Since my Michigan visit, the following has happened..

  • I've lost 14 pounds
  • Fit into size 34 pants
  • Broken my speed record on the treadmill (again)
  • Returned to the weight I was at when my wife and I met
  • Dropped down to class I obesity

January has been a good month for me.

Alligator Report

This just in, I've managed to rally some of our dogs into a strong fighting force and they have brought the problem with the rogue alligator to a close.


Now get off my blog!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow..I'm so glad I read this. I could identify a lot of those key moments with the exception of looking in a mirror and 'liking' the image there. Not there yet. But after reading your blog and about your progress I don't feel as negative. The frightening dog vs gator pic was alarming to say the least LOL!! WTG Nice 4th pic.

February 12, 2008 at 10:28 AM  

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