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December 26, 2007

Surviving the Holidays

 Seems all the popular weight loss web sites are publishing tips on how to survive the holidays sitting on a dietwithout packing on the pounds.  And to be honest, I thought about doing the same.  I made a quick list of tips that would help...but what's the point? 

It is the holidays....most people aren't going to follow it anyway.  Here's what people are going to do...they are going to tell themselves that on January 1st they are going to get their act together and join the gym.

Oh..that got me going.  I was worried about that.  The resolution crowd!  Oh no!  I brought it up with one of the gym helpers at the YMCA....she went completely white as soon as I reminded her.

Every year a bunch of folks that I call the 'resolution crowd' hit the gyms in January....increasing the active memberships to about 3 times what you normally see.  Don't get me wrong...I wish them luck...but I know that over half of them will disappear by March. 

The good news is they will probably bring with them plenty of stories for me to include in my blog.  New people bring all sorts of baggage with them.  I expect to see people come in and poke at the weight machines....walk on treadmills at the absolute slowest speed (and without any incline)....and walk the wrong way on the indoor track. 

I'll probably pick-up a couple of extra Token Fat Guy shirts and wear them at the gym...sort of encourage the new folks to ask me questions.

Ready to Pack it in

I got an email from my storage provider telling me that my subscription was coming due.  Wow...have I really been doing this for a year?  I had to look back at it.  Yeah, I got sick of Yahoo about a year ago and moved all my stuff to Network Solutions.  I've been blogging for awhile.  I stared at the email and thought about it. 

Do I really want to sign-up for another year of this? 

Sometimes I want to trash it.  Just let TokenFatGuy.com lapse...stop blogging....who needs it?  Am I really making a difference?  I know I have readers.  I check my site activity using the logs that Network Solutions gather for me.  I have about 150 readers.  But do I really reach them?  Comments on my site are down....to nothing.  In months I've hardly gotten any emails.  And sometimes I feel that all I do is talk about weight loss when I'm at a social function....I feel like everyone is probably just sick of hearing it.

I started the site to help keep me honest....I don't really need it anymore.  I've found my path...I just need to stay on it.  I can lose weight without the website.

I tabled it and decided to see how I felt in a week or two.

I was at a Christmas party this week.  One of our friends who is also on the heavy side told me something.  Without prompting and without even knowing I was considering quitting, she said, "You are my inspiration."

The very next day, I paid for another year of storage service.

Thanks Robbie.... that was one of the best Christmas gifts I got.

Oh...here's your weekly dog picture...Fido here needs to get on the treadmill too.  Poor guy....



Blogger EJ Postings said...

This was my first time reading your blog. DON"T STOP! It was good for me. I just started a blog for the same reasons you did. I knew it would keep me honest and maybe I could help someone while I'm at it. I have a different approach though. I'm a part of that lazy crowd that tries to do it but can't. So I'm doing it my way. Give me a feedback comment on my blog please. w8-loser.blogspot.com

December 26, 2007 at 4:32 PM  
Blogger Token Fat Guy said...

Found your blog...you got the link wrong.


You left out a 'w'. But I found it.

Sweet blog! I'll subscribe to it (ATOM).

Be sure to go back and read my back issues. :P

December 26, 2007 at 11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you kept the website! You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!
Love ya

December 30, 2007 at 6:42 AM  

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