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December 04, 2007

Circuit Training

I've mentioned it in the past but I haven't really defined it.  Circuit training was first developed back in the 1950's.  It combines weight training with cardio to form a complete body workout.  The idea is that you spend very little time on each exercise and you don't get rest between each exercise type.  So you would quickly go from one weight lifting type exercise to a cardio exercise and then on to whatever is next.....and you keep it up for 20 minutes to an hour.


Let's take this as an example....

  • Dumbbell curls - 1 minute
  • Treadmill - 3 minute
  • Bench press - 1 minute
  • Bike - 3 minute
  • Squat thrusts - 1 minute
  • Jump rope - 3 minute
  • and so on....
  • Then repeat...

I've seen people at the gym with a clipboard and they just check off each exercise as they do it.  Others just keep track in their heads.

This is the main type of training that is used by the contestants on 'The Biggest Loser'.  I've also used it when I want to mix things up.  It is an extremely good workout for anyone with weight loss in mind.  However, this isn't suitable for those interested in body building.

When I do circuit training, I modify it for my own needs.  I completely remove exercises that target the muscle groups that I'm already working on when I do my normal weight training days.

Instead I mix cardio in with core training.  So I'll move from treadmill to crunches to bike to planks to side crunches....and so on.  Or another thing I'll do is after a nice walk, I'll do a circuit or two of my core exercises....just to keep my heart rate up for a bit longer. 

New short term goal

My weight hasn't been moving much since I hit my last short term goal.  Since then I've been having a hard time staying focused.  I think my problem is that I don't have a short term goal anymore.  Long term goal are fine but they are often too big to really get help. 

So starting today I'm going to start a new 10 pound count down.  My goal is to hit 224 pounds. 

funnydogs49cz6 Yes...that probably means that there will be more dogs sneaking into the site as my attention will be on my diet.

Random Compliment

One of my close friends recently told me I had a jaw line again.  Sounds awful...but I knew what she meant.  Thanks Mary :)


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