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November 28, 2007

Random Ramblings

Well, you know, sometimes I have all these great ideas for my blog....but when I type them out, they just don't sound as good as they did in my head or more often they just aren't long enough.

So today I'm going to just ramble on and get some of those ideas submitted in a single post.

Gym Jerks

I had two instances of gym jerkiness. 

1.  This was the lesser of the two.  They guy meant well...probably.  I was doing some circuit training....changing rapidly between lots of exercises (I'll do a post about circuit training some day).  Anyway, I was on the rowing machine and I was getting close to the end of my workout.  I had it on a low setting because I'd injured my shoulder earlier in the week and didn't want to put too much stress on it yet. 

So this guy comes up to the row machines, sits down on the one next to me, looks over at me and says, "Come on!  Put some real resistance on that thing!"

My reply was, "I lost 50+ pounds without your unsolicited advice.  I'll keep doing things my way."  Then I promptly got up and moved to the treadmills (I was done anyway).

2.  The greater of the two jerks.  It started out when I was on a treadmill.  This guy is on the treadmill next to me.  I'm putting heart and soul into it when he finishes up, gets off the treadmill and starts walking the indoor track....and he doesn't wipe down the treadmill he was on.  That's just disgusting!  He sweats all over the thing and won't even clean off the hand rails.  I made a mental note to myself about this guy. 

Later, I was doing some core exercises on a floor mat.  I had worked up quite a sweat by now.  So I had one of the fans blowing on me.  This same guy walks up to the fan and turns it off.  No warning....no asking if anyone was using it....just turns it off and walks away.

So I get up and turn it back on.  Now I'm back to working out and this guy makes it around the track and turns the fan off again.  WHAT A JERK! 

So I get up and turn it back on again.  He looks over at me and says, "Hey!  I don't like the fans blowing in my face when I'm walking by."

I look over at him and say, "Since you are one of those idiots that doesn't clean up the gym equipment when they are done with it, I don't really care what you want.   I'm working out in this area, and I say the fan stays on."

He got frustrated with me and left the area.  As he walked off I could hear the guy behind me snickering.  I think he wanted the fan left on too.   

If you join a gym, please wipe down the stuff that you use.  And don't walk around like you own the place.

New Bugg!

After posting about the benefits of the Body Bugg that I wear, one of my coworkers got one for herself. 

Congrats Lisa on getting Bugged! 

I'm excited to have some one to discuss Bugg stuff with. 

Money for Me!

The weight loss competition at work ended early when it was realized that no one was likely to catch me at this point.  I'd lost nearly 20 pounds and all others were around 2 or 3 pounds.  So the money all goes to me. 

Sweet....I used it to take Heather out for ice cream, pizza, and a movie.  :)

Opps....Bad timing

I should have really thought out better the time I took off.  I should have made it a week later so it would include Thanksgiving.  Food everywhere I turn....gyms are closed....its worse than Halloween.  At least at Halloween I was getting more exercise. 

Between the week off and Thanksgiving I put on about 4 pounds.  Oh well...I lost it once, I can do it again.


I forget who it was....but one of my readers walked up to me at work and asked why I didn't just add support for RSS so people could just subscribe to my blog and I wouldn't have to send out that awful spam mail every week.

I keep forgetting to let everyone know that YOU CAN subscribe to my blog....although it supports ATOM and not RSS...at least not yet.  But Internet Explorer will allow you to subscribe to sites using ATOM.  So those of you that know what I'm talking about can enjoy.  You can use this link or the one in the pane to the left that says ATOM. 

I don't push the subscription thing because I want people to enter the site from the front page.  Otherwise they miss the math humor and the count downs....and whatever else I put on the front page.

Anyway, if you want off the spam mail...just let me know.

And Now Its Time

That's long enough.  Just make a quick sweep to see if any dogs are hanging around..... 



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