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October 23, 2007

To My family

Hi family!  I've recently found out that there are some members of my family out there reading my blog that I didn't know about.  So hi to you all and don't be shy....post if you have any questions or comments.

The Difference a Year Makes

It was about a year ago when it happened. I stood up on my newly healed ankle and looked down at the fat that I'd been collecting not only while I was convalescing but also from many years before that. 
"How badly did I mess up this time?", I thought to myself.
I walked past my home gym that had been collecting dust and stepped on the scales....it was worse than I thought....292 pounds.  I stepped off the scales, reset them, and tried again.  No...they weren't wrong.  I'd hit a new high point.
This had been a few months after my 40th birthday.  There's something about turning 40 that makes a person stop and reflect on their life.  Usually this leads to evaluating where you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life.  It was no different for me.  Over the next week or so I made the decision to lose some weight.  It wasn't the only decision I made...but it was probably the most important. 
So I set out to try to find a healthy path....a path less traveled.  That was in late September of 2006.  By October I had lost a couple pounds...but it really didn't show yet.  I'd tell people how I was doing with my dieting and they'd nod their heads and say things like, "Good for you" or "I wish you luck".  But I know some of them were looking at me and thinking to themselves, "You lost weight?  From where?"
Don't get me wrong, I don't hold it against them.  Losing weight is hard...the more you need to lose the harder it is.  And at first, no one is going to see a difference.  Which is a shame because that's when you need encouragement most.
Anyway, for all the people that couldn't notice the difference I have some pictures to share.
The beginning shots is from last October, at my Halloween party.  The new shots were taken last week.  I tried to keep near the same position so you could see better....
The one on the right I was holding a Tootsie Pop.  I didn't have one for the second picture, so I held a screwdriver. :)  Also, the shirt is different.  The old shot says 'Backwards Compatible' (written backwards) and the new one says 'Nobody Reads My Blog'.
This one was a shot of me giving out the prize for last year's costume contest.  Luckily, I had another box just like it in storage.
If any of you can't see the difference now...then you need glasses.  I'm looking at it and I don't even think they look like the same guy...and I'm the guy.
Anyway....I've been asked to post some pictures on my blog to show my progress....so there you go.

Changes in my routine

Every 6 weeks I change out my weight training so my muscles never get used to what I'm doing.  But I've started noticing that I always do them in the same order.  Like on days that I do chest/back/glutes/abs, I always do chest first and abs last.  By the time I get to my abs I'm so tired that I really can't give it as much as I'd like.  So I'm going to break it up.  I'll still do all the same exercises for a 6 week period, but I'll do them in reverse order on the second 3 weeks.  That should help shake things up a bit.
And speaking of 'shakes'....I was talking about the protein shakes I take with one of my friends at work that also does weight training.  I had been complaining about how the bananas I use keep going bad.  I like to buy a big bunch of them so I don't have to buy them again for awhile....but the last few always go bad on me.  And if I buy them TOO under-ripe, then the first few are just awful.  He suggested that I freeze them.  So I tried it...and it works great.  Just do the following....
1. You just take a Zip Lock bag
2. Pop in a banana
3. Smash it all up   
4. Toss it in the freezer. 
I can freeze a whole bunch at once and they are ready when I want to mix one in a shake....
Now I can concentrate on my exercising....
Just remember to peel them before you freeze them. 
Now get out of here before all this talk of food attracts some hungry dogs...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again- you are doing great! Keep up the great work!
Love ya!

October 23, 2007 at 5:20 AM  
Blogger Token Fat Guy said...

Thanks Barb! How are you and your weight loss group doing?

October 23, 2007 at 3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


October 25, 2007 at 7:48 PM  

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