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June 21, 2007

Assessing the Damage

I was just getting back into the swing of things when I noticed that my Body for Life challenge ends this week. For those that are coming in late, each 'challenge' lasts 3 months and I lost about 45 pounds on the first one.

The second challenge was going fine until certain medical issues completely trashed my efforts. It looks like I'm going to close the challenge at about the same weight as where I started it. However, some of that weight is muscle mass. My body fat percentage has only changed a little. This makes sense because while I was out of commission the only exercising that I could do was strength training for my arms/chest/shoulders.

So my second challenge had limited success. I could let this drive me crazy...
...but I've decided to not rake myself over the coals about this. I did what I could and I did see some progress. What I need to do now is start a fresh challenge.

Body for Life - Challenge Number 3

This is going to be sweet. I'm putting together my new workout routine today so it will be ready for me to start on Monday.

The hot group, The Bangles,
produced the cool song...
Manic Monday

Other than that, I don't have anything to report. No weight loss tips...no inspirational anecdotes...no clever puns.

Don't you look down on me! How much weight did you lose? GET OFF MY WEB SITE!!!


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