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June 14, 2007

Token Fat Guy gets High!

After over a month of not being able to do all my normal workouts, I am starting to get back into the swing of things.

Monday was strength training. I hit the chest, biceps, abs, and gluts.

Tueday...oh...ouch. Sort of sore. But that's fine. Tried to do 30 minutes on the treadmill. I started slow at first then worked my way up as far as I thought I could. Then about 15 minutes in I concentrated hard and tried to reach down and pull out that extra little bit to force myself to go faster. I try to do this once or twice every time I'm on the treadmill. Slowly I pushed past the cobwebs...the stiffness in my legs started to ease up...and there I was. Runner’s High

Most any athlete will give his opinion on what runner's high really is. But most agree that it is that state that they occasionally enter when the body becomes more responsive, the mind becomes more focused, and previous limitations seem to melt away.

From a purely physical standpoint, it is a euphoria that is caused by a release of endorphins. They negate pain and heighten senses.

I remember the first time it happened to me. I was just a teenager and had no idea at all what was going on. It was during a work out at our martial arts dojo. I have to confess that I was pushing myself extra hard that day because I was trying to get the attention of a young female black belt. The rush was incredible. I felt unstoppable...indestructible. I actually went jogging after the workout and seriously thought about jumping off a bridge into the St Joseph river. At the time I thought I'd survive it. Looking back on it...it has become just another one of those things that amazes me that I actually LIVED long enough to become an adult.

What happened to me Tuesday wasn't the full on runner's high that I've experienced before. It was more of a mini-high. I've had enough of them to recognize it for what it is...and in this case I didn't really want to get swept up in it. I'm just starting my routine again and don't want any setbacks...and a bad high can lead to injuries.

You see while the endorphins will help to reduce pain, they can also mask injury. So you can run on a twisted ankle and not even know about it. The first clue you will get will be after the 'high' wears off and the swelling starts.

So I slowed down a bit and resisted the urge to go any faster. Next time it happens, I'll ride the wave.

That brings me to Wednesday. I'm sore today...but just sore. No injuries. Lifted weights...shoulders, quads, ham strings, calves.

Thursday morning I woke up completely sore and didn't want to move. I had a little argument with myself. It went something like this...

GoodTFG> We need to get up and go to the gym.
BadTFG> No, we need to rest. Yeah, that's the ticket! We need to rest.
GoodTFG> We need to be 'good'. We've been waiting to resume our work outs and now we can do it.
BadTFG> Dude, this bed is REALLY comfortable. And our muscles are so sore.
GoodTFG> Don't 'dude' me! If we don't get up and run I'm going to be really disappointed in us.
BadTFG> We can handle your disappointment. We don't think we can handle running. Your disappointment doesn't even make us break a sweat.
GoodTFG> Look if I could go without taking you I would. In fact it would mean a 50% drop in my overall weight if I could just leave you behind.
BadTFG> Oh...ah...alright but I'm going to complain about it the whole time.
GoodTFG> Deal. I'll just tune you out with music.

NOTE: I know talking to yourself is a form of insanity.

So I had a good run. No runner's high but still it was nice to get my leg muscles stretched some. It helps to keep the muscle pain under control.

Now I'm sure some of you are saying, "But TokenFatGuy, you haven't said anything about the eating part of your plan. How is the DIET going?"

Work keeps feeding me junk and my fat intake is completely out of control. I'll work on it next week. Until then, LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON'T WORK FOR YOU!


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