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May 18, 2007

Homer J Simpson

People love him. I mean I'm the Token Fat Guy but America's favorite fat guy is still Homer Simpson.

I just can't compete with that kind of popularity. But that's okay...I have my niche in life. However there is one subject where Homer still bugs me. That is his weight.

Homer's weight is different depending on what episode you are watching.

Originally, Homer weighed in at 260 pounds. Later he lost weight (although he is still drawn the same) and got down to 239 in the episode "A Brush with Greatness".

Later on in "King-Size Homer", he had a plan to be classified as disabled so he could work from home. To bring this plan to fruition he packed on the pounds and maxed out at 315. Later his new fat (but none of the old fat) was sucked out and he returned back to 239 pounds.

So what is it about this cartoon leviathan's weight that gets under my skin? Well...while I never got my weight quite as high as him, my average weight has been more than his. The lowest he can get to is 239 pounds. And I'm working my ass off to get that far down. It's silly but it really upsets me that Homer Simpson, America's favorite fat ass actually weighs less than ME!

Well that has all come to and end. As of my last weigh-in, I am down to 237 pounds. That's LESS than Homers lowest weight...by 2 pounds.

So in your face Homer J Simpson! You just got served...by Token Fat Guy!

May 11, 2007

What ever happened to that Token Fat Guy?

Hello to you, my readers, my loyal fan base, my cheering section...
I know some of you have been wondering, "What ever happened to that Token Fat Guy?" He used to be so good at updating his web site, doing his blog thing. But for weeks...nearly a month now it has been very quiet.

Is he losing so much weight that he now lacks the ability to push down keys on his keyboard? What's up with him? Where is he who would lead us to the shores of 'thinness'?

Well, I'm right here. I've hit a couple of nasty snags. Right after I planned out how to break my plateau, I dropped some additional weight. In fact I got down to 235 pounds...57 pounds from my max weight. It was looking good for the Token Fat Guy. But then I got hit with some medical issues. Nothing I care to get into on the blog but it was enough to derail my efforts. I tried to stay focused but my favorite part of the whole process is the exercise. I really like working out...and if I can't do that...well it just isn't as much fun anymore.

So my commitment to drop more weight has sort of gotten put on hold. But I think my last doctor visit finally handled everything and I'm back on the road to good health.

I expect that I'll be fine in a week or two. I'll still post to the blog but my progress will probably be limited until I'm all better. J

So to you my fans that have stayed patient while I was being a patient, I say to you thank you for hanging in there.

And for those of you that lost your patience...GET OFF MY BACK! MY HEALTH COMES BEFORE YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!!