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February 22, 2007

A few weeks ago, I finished my Body For Life challenge. The challenge started back in September, was put on hold for the month of October (due to my activities around Halloween) and completed while I was recovering from my back injury. Since then, I've just been maintaining my current weight. I've been working out some but nothing major...mostly I've just been enjoying being a much smaller Token Fat Guy than before.

Now it is time to start up again. Time to start a new BFL challenge and bring my weight down even more. I'm hoping to drop around 30 pounds this time. At the very least I want to get down to less than 230 pounds.

As I was preparing to start this new challenge I thought back to when I started this up in the first place. When told myself I was REALLY going to do it this time. And I thought about the people along the way that helped to keep me going.

I think it is time I did some 'shout outs'...


For my family...

My lovely wife Heather - If it had to do with my desire to loss weight, then as far as she was concerned it was something we absolutely needed. Whether it was buying a home gym or workout clothes...or just generally putting up with my obsession, she was right there providing me with encouragement, support, and love. She is simply the best person I know.

My wonderful daughter Bridget - Early on when I started the process of transformation, I thought long about how much effort it would take. I wondered if I really had that kind of dedication and strength in me. I thought about my daughter and how hard she has worked and how she has added to the world just by being in it. I thought about her and found myself filled with all the strength I would ever need.

My parents - They all support me of course (all four), but a special mention to my Dad needs to be made. When I was first creating the site, he would give me suggestions on how it should be put together.

My cousin Barb - Always supportive...even when I know she's got enough on her plate without having to bother with me. She's always got a few minutes for her favorite cousin. I wish she didn't live so far away.

For my friends/coworkers...

Kim - One day she says to me, "You look good...I...ah...mean that in a coworker to coworker sense..I...uh"
Don't worry Kim, I know you weren't trying to hit on me. But it was fun to watch you squirm.

Joseph - Probably the most brutally honest person I know. When I was at my heaviest, I could expect fat jokes from him. And when I started showing progress he was one of the first to notice. Eventually, he told me to be proud of the progress that I'd made. Always there to encourage me when I was on the right track with words like...

"You should join the Fat Ass Club"
"You don't look as FAT as you used to...I think it's because you have a NECK now."
"It's not so hard to walk around you anymore."

What a guy! Seriously, I glad I know Joseph. Because if HE says that my weight loss is noticeable, then I can take to the bank that I look different.

Mike and Mary - It seems they have been helping me out one way or another for the last 15 years or so. Whether it was the odd kind word or just listening to me go on about my progress, they have been there to support me in my goals. Also, Mike is currently helping me design the official TFG shirts.

Not to say there weren't others that helped out. There have been loads of folks that noticed the difference and dropped a kind word here or there.

End shout outs...

Now it is time for a 'clothes update'...

I had bought some cheap sweat pants a while ago from Target. That was a mistake. After only a couple months of use the material in the crotch is all worn out and has holes. So it was off to the sporting goods store to buy some name brand sweat pants. I couldn't believe it. I fit into a LARGE. Not an EXTRA LARGE...just a LARGE. That was pretty cool.

Side note on clothes, we started putting together the official Token Fat Guy shirts. It's just for fun and if I make a few bucks it will all go to keeping the website running.

Mostly it's just for fun. I will make an announcement when they are ready. Some are good to go now but I have more 'starting weights' to create.

Now go away and stop bugging me!


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