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February 14, 2007

Website update:
We have added a second domain to strangedos.com. Now you can access the site using either http://www.strangedos.com/ or http://www.tokenfatguy.com/

Pretty sweet...huh?

NOTE: The rantings of StrangeDOS are just that...rantings. They are not to be viewed as actual medical advice...even if they are correct. StrangeDOS is not a doctor...or a nurse...or even a person that should be trusted. Follow his advice at your own risk.

After my recent back injury I felt compelled to include this in my blog...

I know that I usually keep pretty upbeat on the blog...but sometimes dieting just plain sucks. And it doesn't just suck on a small scale...it sucks on gigantic, freaky, [insert bombastic adjective here], scale.

One of the worst and most sucky times is when you suffer a setback...such as an injury. This has been an ongoing problem for me as I have a tendency to let injuries completely trash my best dieting plans. Anyone that has hurt themselves while working out knows how difficult it can be to cope with this type of setback...but I really took it to the nth degree a few times.

You might say, "StrangeDOS! What the heck are you talking about? You are doing great! I see you losing weight like a crazy person."

Well, you are right...I am a crazy person. But that's not the issue here. If you have found your way to my blog, chances are pretty good that you have also found my weight loss chart...

You might have noticed a sharp, upward spike between 9/04 and 8/06. What happened there? I got hurt...and then I got stupid...REAL STUPID.

It started when I hurt my elbow. The medical term is lateral epicondylitis...commonly known as tennis elbow. I did it with a combination of stupid weightlifting (poor form) and stupid yard work (shoveling pine bark). By the time it was all said and done, my arm was pretty messed up. And tennis elbow takes a long time to fully recover from. Sometimes it can require surgery.

But the REAL problem was in how I dealt with it. Here is a comparison of what you should do (do) and what StrangeDOS did (don't)...

Food do - Stay on the eating part of the plan. In any weight loss plan, you have three main components. They are diet, weight lifting, and cardio workouts. Their importance is listed in the same order. Contrary to popular beliefs, the dieting part of the plan is WAY more important than either weight lifting or cardio. Not to say that working out isn't important...because it is. But if you can't do it for awhile...you can still lose weight if you keep to your diet.

Food don't - Okay...I can't do any lifting with my left arm. That's going to completely mess up my routine. How can I possibly loss weight if I can't lift weight? This is MY fault for getting hurt. This is MY fault for believing I could actually do this. I need comfort food. Where is the number for Papa John's Pizza?

Doctor do - If you hurt yourself then go see a doctor. If you aren't sure if you should see a doctor...see a doctor. If you think you will be okay if you just take it easy for awhile...see a doctor...then see a doctor again to have your head examined.

Doctor don't – Screaming every 5 minutes, "OH GOD IT HURTS!" and "NO I DON'T WANT TO SEE A DOCTOR!" Doctors scare the hell out of me. Just the sight of needles can make me pass right out. It's not a matter of money (I have pretty decent insurance)...I'm just terrified of doctors. Only dentists and President Bush scare me more that doctors (that's right, I took a cheap shot at our beloved dictator).

Workout do - Check with your doctor first, but chances are if you hurt something you can design a workout around your injury. Looking back on it, I could have easily kept up with my cardio workouts...and even most of my weight lifting. Lower body workouts wouldn't have changed at all. Upper body workouts could have been done just with my right arm. And there are some exercises that would have allowed me to target muscles on the left side without using my elbow.

Workout don't - What's the point? I should just get used to being a great big fat person. Honestly, that would be easier. Yeah, I could just give up this whole working out thing and accept being a complete fat ass. Hmmm...the more I think about it the more plausible it sounds.

Get back on the horse do - Work with your doctor to figure out when the right time to begin working out again should be. Some physical therapy might even help you get started. But with a little effort you should be able to design a limited workout that will allow you to get in some exercising. The point is to get back on the horse.

Get back on the horse don't - This TV remote is getting heavier and heavier...I think this should count as weight lifting.

It actually took about a year for me to fully recover. Now you might be thinking, "Hey StrangeDOS, you say it took a year but that spike lasted nearly two years. I don't think you are telling the full story here."

Well...you'd be right to say so. I spent the greater part of two years in a carb induced funk. Walking around like a zombie...and not like those cool dancing zombies in Michael Jackson's Thriller video...more like a slow moving, ever expanding, fat collecting zombie.

So...don't do what I did. If you injure yourself...and chances are that you will...don't let it completely derail you. Adjust your plan and keep going. In the long run your injuries will heal faster if you continue to take care of yourself.

Otherwise you will just undo your progress and end up staying a fat blob

So speaks Token Fat Guy...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just keep on your horse and keep on losing. I'm proud of you.


Does this embarrass you a little?

February 14, 2007 at 11:04 PM  
Blogger Token Fat Guy said...

Thanks Dad.

Embarrassed? Nah...I post my feelings so everyone can read them. I'm soooo past getting embarrassed by my dad. That is...unless you post those pictures of you and that rubber chicken.

February 15, 2007 at 11:18 AM  

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