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January 10, 2007

Last week I hit the 40 lbs mark. From my starting point of 292 lbs, I've dropped down to 252 lbs. Some people have asked me how that feels. The short answer is that it feels great. But if pressed for details here are the things that spring to mind when people ask me how much difference 40 lbs made for me...

NOTE: For my overseas readers (and I do have some)...

292 lbs = 132 kilograms (how much I used to weigh)
252 lbs = 114 kilograms (how much I currently weigh)
40 lbs = 18 kilograms (how much I've lost)

1. Driving - It was starting to get to be a hassle driving Heather's little Ford Focus. I had the seat pushed all the way back so my tummy wouldn’t rub on the steering wheel. And don't get me started about the seatbelt. Now it's a comfortable drive again.

2. Bathroom - No, I'm not going to talk about messy hygiene issues. But token fat people like me get to a point where they only like to use the 'handicap stall'. It is more roomy and has that bar you can grab to help you sit down and stand up. Now, I don't care which stall I'm using. The ONLY time insist on the larger stall is when I'm changing clothes to get ready for my workout.

3. Restaurants - I was at a point where I couldn't sit in a booth without my belly fat pushing up against the table. So I'd have to push the table forward to accommodate my needs. Those tables can make a terrible racket when you push them across the floor. Now, I don't care where I sit. I have plenty of room between the table and me. It also means I drop food less often since I can slide up closer to it when I'm eating.

4. Stairs - I still don't like going up more than a flight or two. But now I can if I need to. Anymore than that, I still risk knee injury. But I can go down stairs all day. And I do so every chance I get.

5. Working out - One thing specifically about my workout has changed. I use a belt when I'm working my calf muscles. The belt connects to the Bowflex. So I have to remove the belt from the cable and set it aside when I need to change weights. Well, I used to just wrap the belt around my midsection and my belly fat would hold on to it until I was done changing the weights. I haven't been able to do that recently because I just don't have enough belly fat to hold on to the belt. So I had to start wrapping it around my shoulders and hooking it together behind my neck.

6. Movie house seating - I was getting to a point where if I had both armrests down...it would get kind of snug for me. So I started to leave one armrest up and sort of stretch out into the next seat. Yeah...I know...it meant that I was starting to take up two seats. But recently I stopped doing it. It wasn't anything I thought about. I just noticed one day that I wasn't doing it anymore...and the one seat was plenty roomy for me.

7. Getting dressed – It was taking forever to find a shirt that I could still squeeze into...and even then I'd have to do this thing where I would grab the sides of the shirt and pull it, stretching the fabric out so it wouldn't cling so tightly to me. Now I'm wearing shirts that I forgot I owned. Soon, I'm going to have to buy a size smaller...and it will be goodbye XXL, hello XL. NOTE: I haven't been able to wear an XL since the 1990s. So I'm really looking forward to that. And pants? Well...let's just say I wore a lot of sweat pants...even when I wasn't working out. Now, some of my larger 'short pants' are becoming impractical. If I don't wear a belt they will fall off of me. Not just slip down a little...FALL OFF.

8. Walking - At work I'd get winded just walking to the bathroom. Now sometimes I'll do a long walk in the evenings. I took the GPS with me once to find out just how far I was going. About 5 miles round trip. I could do more but after awhile I get bored...not tired...bored.

So speaks Token Fat Guy


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