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January 8, 2004

AHHHHH! When does the pain in my arms let up? I have to type at my job. And I can barely hold up my arms.

Legs are pretty sore. Living in a house with stairs is going to kill me.

Tonight is cardio again. I might have to start without Mike. He has to run home and get his gear. There is the chance he might get snared by his wife and have to skip out. I think I can do my cardio alone. Besides there are lots of coworkers at the YMCA. I am sure some one will keep me honest.

Chicken breast for breakfast
Myoplex shake
Chicken breast and raw carrots for lunch
Myoplex shake
Chicken breast and corn and a banana for dinner
12 bottles of water.

1 NAC - Before bed
4 ZMASS-PM - Before bed

Looking in the mirror, I can see my fat cheeks starting to hollow out. This is the first place I show weight loss. Weighed in at 257lbs.

Stretched and then did cardio...didn't think I would make the 20 minutes. Ended up doing 21. Felt great afterwards. Mike was a no-show.


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