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December 30, 2006

The Path Less Traveled and Token Fat Guy gets the EYE

I was asked awhile ago what I meant by 'The Path Less Traveled'. "What does that mean, StrangeDOS? Seriously...what is it?"

Okay...it is a frame of mind or a way of life depending on how you look at it.

For example...let's say you are just a kid and you grow up in a house where drinking alcohol was considered a normal thing. I'm not talking about an entire house full of drunks. I'm just talking about your average social drinkers. No more or less than what is average. Now...let's look at the society that encourages this sort of behavior. Commercials...movies...TV...everyone expecting you to grow up and drink. I'm not saying that drinking is bad. I'm just saying that we expect everyone to do it. You work hard during the week and darn it you are going to treat yourself to a couple of cold ones. Or you are going to go out on a date with your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife and have some wine with your meal. The wine list is given to you...if you ask for it or not. It is normal in our society...to the point of being expected.

If you think we don't expect people to drink...try this someday when you get the chance. At ANY gathering of people where there is social drinking going on...don't drink. Then while you are talking to a group of people that don't know you that well, steer the conversation to alcohol. Wait for people to start in about 'the last time they got drunk' or 'how they can drink you under the table'. At that point just announce that you don't drink anymore. Spin some tale about how you never really liked drinking and finally stopped doing it. Watch how quickly people will back peddle...saying, "oh...I really cut down on my drinking too" or "I just have a little wine with dinner". I have done this over and over again and am still amazed at the way people will act.

Anyway, think back to that little kid, who for whatever reason, decides not to run with the pack. He doesn't develop a taste for alcoholic beverages. When at a party or bar, he is always the designated driver. When on a date, he let's his significant other enjoy some mixed drinks knowing they will both be safe with him driving afterwards. He doesn't like beer, he doesn't bother learning about wines, he gives mixed drinks a pass. Sure, he drank some while in high school and while in the Navy but only because it was expected of him. And he promptly quit on his 21st birthday.

He's on a road less traveled.

He doesn't think he's better...he just knows he's different.

It sounds a bit preachy...it isn't meant to be. Most of us walk a path less traveled...we just don't tend to think about it. You might be the only person at work that likes to dress nice on Fridays. Or perhaps you are the only person in North Carolina that actually uses his turn signals when changing lanes. It doesn't have to be a big thing. It doesn't have to be an important thing.

So you might wonder how that fits into weight loss. Well, our society is setup to help make us fat. Our food is plentiful, cheap, and largely bad for us. After High Fructose Corn Syrup was discovered back in the 70s, we've been stuffing into our foods as a cheap sweetener. You can't watch TV without a PapaJohns commercial tempting you with (but not telling you about the 410 calories per slice on their pan crust sausage pizza). Fast food chains answer the call of "I'm too busy to cook"...with foods like Jack in The Box's Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger...with a heart stopping 1090 calories!!

To lose weight one MUST walk a path less traveled.

Enough soapbox preaching...I'm sure some of you want to know about how Token Fat Guy is doing...

Okay...I had to go to the doctor. I messed up my shoulder doing something (probably weight lifting) and now it hurts. I'm at the age where I need to be careful about rotator cuff injuries...so off to the doctor I go. I get to the doctor's office and I feel some one watching me again (I've always had that sense...sort of like Spiderman). Anyway, I quick turn around and I see some woman standing next to her SUV. She's checking me out! And I don't mean a "I happen to be looking your way" type of look. This is a "I wouldn't mind having a baby with you" type of look. It's been awhile since I got one of those. Token Fat Guy gets the EYE!

Later at home I was telling my lovely wife Heather about the 'parking lot peeper' when I realized that I didn't have on my wedding ring. I take it off when I'm lifting weights and often forget to put it back on. It isn't my original wedding ring. It is one that I got to wear in its place after I had gained all my weight.

So I walk over to the Bowflex, pick up my ring and put it on. It is cold so shake my hand a bit. The ring goes flying off my finger and hits the floor with a loud PING.

Ah...my wedding ring doesn't fit anymore and women are noticing me again. And to top it all off...Token Fat Guy hits 254 lbs

Total weight lost...38 lbs.


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