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December 3, 2006

My depression was very short lived. Once I realized what was bothering me I was able to deal with it and move on.

Week ended at 264 lbs...which is down 28 lbs from my max. Looked in the mirror today and felt a bit more human. The walks during lunch and the changes in my workout are really doing the trick. I did hit a snag though.

I use a RIO MP3 player so I can listen to music while I work out. I got it a few years back and it has performed well for me. However, the last few weeks it has been acting up. The display won't show what's playing and sometimes the mouse would get stuck. When I went for my walk on Saturday, it completely froze up the mouse. I couldn't flip through my collection at all. And once I got it to start playing I couldn't stop it. So I let it play until my walk was over and started shopping for a new player.

Now I have a Microsoft Zune. And WOW is it cool! It just got released a few weeks ago. I was worried because I had heard some bad press about it. People were trash talking it pretty bad. But I did some homework and found that they were mostly idiots and Microsoft haters...so they weren't going to like it anyway. Then I found a blog that was done up by a long time iPod fan. He did a side-by-side comparison of the iPod and the Zune. And he liked the Zune more. Also, he addressed all the trash talk that had been going around. This guy did a really good job of it.

I love my Zune. I got the brown one. Everyone says that the brown one doesn't look as cool. And while that might be true, I like my brown Zune better because I'm not likely to bump into anyone else that has one. Everyone is going for the black. I say be different. Mine is the Zune Less Traveled.

Anyway, I also made a big decision today. I have decided to post my journal on my new web site. So now I need to break up this big doc file into a bunch of little HTML files so I can get them arranged the way I want. I'm pretty excited about this. I might even put some pictures up there and maybe a chart tracking my progress.

Anyway, its late and I need some sleep.


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