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December 12, 2006

Here is the chart for BMI...

So I need to lose 24 more pounds to get down into the 'class 1' obesity range. And I need to drop 60 pounds to reach 'overweight'.

It's weird to be talking open about obesity after treating it as a dirty word for so long. But I got to tell you it is very liberating. I'm no longer haunted by it...because I'm doing something about it.

If you want to know more about obesity and how it affects those inflicted, I highly recommend the following site...


You will find lots of information on statistics, support groups, related diseases, and more. Its a pretty good site.

I went to a party this weekend. Saw some people that hadn't seen in awhile. I got some comments about my appearance. That was nice. I wore a shirt that I haven't been able to wear since I bought it. It was one of those "I know it is too small but if I get it then I'll lose weight" shirts. And for once, it worked...but lets be honest here. The shirt sat in my closest for a year before I could wear it.

Speaking of shirts that I can wear, I have a bunch of shirts that I got from a promo at work. I gave out a bunch of shirts as a prize for a project that we did. This was back when I was in the 230 lb range. Anyway, we had a few large people on the team so I had to special order some shirts that would fit them. Sizes 4x and 5x. Since I had to order a batch of them just to get the 4 that I needed, I was left with a stack of them. I passed them out to some of my heftier coworkers and the rest ended up following me home. I used them as night shirts.

As my weight crept up, I found that I was wearing these shirts more often. Around the house, while doing yard work, I even started wearing them to work. The progression was so gradual that I never really noticed. I just thought of them as really comfy shirts. I really didn't notice that I was washing them every week. Then I started wearing ONLY these shirts. They were the only thing I really could fit in anymore.

But now, I never wear them. I'm still a 2x...but just a 2x. Someday I'll be an XL again...but I don't need those 4x's anymore. I think...maybe...yes...it IS time to get rid of them. I will exercise them from my dresser. I'll do it as soon as I get back from my workout.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm proud of ya! :)

December 12, 2006 at 12:38 PM  

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