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January 5, 2004

This is the beginning. Last time I weighed in (12/15), I was at my max weight of 265. Mike and I went to the gym today. Here is a list of the exercises done...

Upright rows
Bench press
Incline bench press
Lat pull downs
Shoulder press
Triceps presses

We did 12/10/8/6/12/12 pyramids. Good thing Mike was with me. I would never remember all this stuff.

Mike expected Chris to show up too. We didn't see him.

Skipped breakfast
Lunch was left over shrimp and potatoes
Had one Myoplex shake
Had chicken breast and corn for dinner
7 bottles of water

1 NAC - Before bed
4 ZMASS-PM - Before bed

Heather helped me by teaching me how to cook up the chicken. She rocks!


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