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November 30, 2006

I really hate how much weight I put on after my cheat day. It's always the same story. I get to say, 270 lbs at the end of the week, then I have a cheat day, then I weigh 275 at the start of the week...and it takes until Wednesday to get back to 270. After that, I continue to drop for the rest of the week, but it three steps forward...two steps back. Very irritating.

Anyway, I'm 267 lbs this morning. My upper body is adjusting to the changes in my workout. But I'm still a little sore...and weak.

I changed my Tuesday cardio to a recumbent bike to mix things up a bit. Did 30 minutes on it. Pretty good workout.

Weighed in at 266 lbs. Changed my workout for Thursday to treadmill. Now I'm doing something different for all 3 'cardio days'.

Tuesday - recumbent bike (YMCA)
Thursday - treadmill (YMCA)
Saturday - elliptical (home)

Hopefully these are different enough to keep me from getting used to it. The treadmill almost killed me. :P

I cheated a bit last night. Heather couldn't cook and all we had that I could put together quickly was mac and cheese. Bad Bobbo


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