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October 6, 2006

Weight at 272 lbs...I knew the gain was mostly water weight.

Last night I changed my upper body workout to include new exercises for the final set of each muscle group. I should have been doing that all along but I wasn't as concerned with muscle gains as I was just getting used to lifting again. I'll use the new combination for 4 or 5 weeks then I'll cycle out the first exercises. The ones I just added will cycle to the top and I'll pick something new for the last sets. If I keep cycling like that it will keep my muscles from getting complacent.

How did I ever turn that around? Oh...yeah...I got the willies scared out of me thinking of all the problems I was heading for. Maybe that wasn't the best motivator. But now, I have different reasons...different goals. I'm on a journey of discovery. I know I can never get my old body back. I've accepted that. But I can get a new body...one that is better than the one I carry. Just like the one I carry now is better than the one I had 6 weeks ago. I don't know what I will eventually become. But I'm excited about finding out...little by little. As my body changes, I pay more attention to it. I run my hands over myself and I can feel new muscle under the fat. I look in the mirror and although the changes are slow, if I watch carefully, I can see them. I'm not focusing on the end of the path...I'm focusing on the journey itself.

So today, I will follow a normal day.

8am - Get up to feed cats
8:05 - Back to bed
9am - Get up and weigh in
Weighing in is something I do nearly everyday. But you have to take what the scale says with a grain of salt. My weight can vary day to day by up to 5 lbs (usually it will do that right after a cheat day). But I like to track it just the same. I just have to keep in mind that it is NOT the end all monitor of my progress. Besides, I'm gaining muscle mass too.

On to working out. Lower body today. I can see that I need to increase my weights for next lower body day. Some are getting too easy. I jot down the changes I need to make and move on.

A quick 10 minutes of cardio to jump up my metabolism...and I'm done.

Mix up a protein shake and bolt it down. Good for muscle growth
Grab a water and take my vitamins.

NOTE: Need to pick up some more milk.

Straighten up the kitchen a bit. Fold some laundry.

10am - Time to shower and get ready to go to work.

Shower, shave, brush teeth, kiss wife (sweet)

Emptied both litterboxes

One of my old 2x shirts floated to the top of the stack. I haven't been able to wear it for awhile. I tried it on. It fit but it's not very flattering. I change to a newer 2x shirt.

NOT ALL 2X ARE CREATED EQUAL! Some are longer than others...and that's what I need for now.

Grab 3 frozen meals for work and a banana for snacking. I'd grab an apple too but I still have one at work from yesterday that I didn't eat.

10:50 Off to work

11:10 Breakfast. Fiber One... Grab water.
Time to do some work

12:40 More water

3pm EKK...getting my lunch late...Hag Face Stew (yum)...more water

4pm More water

5pm first dinner...spicy chicken sandwich. I need to pickup more chicken to make more. I'm nearly out.

6:30 Got hungry...ate a banana.

7pm More water

7:30 Got hungry...ate my apple

8pm Time to head home.

8:30 Final meal - I'd usually try to squeeze one more meal into the day but I can't stay up as late on Fridays since I have to work early the next day. More water

Boiled up some more pasta (whole wheat) to go with the spaghetti sauce that Heather made up earlier this week.

10:30 Took my NAC and ZMASS to help me during recovery (sleep).


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