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October 4, 2005

I was lazy and didn't enter anything for a bit. The morale event was fine. I had one cheese stick and a chicken wing. Hardly enough to worry about.

I did cheat a bit while Heather was out of town. But nothing really awful. I'm back under control now. I did gain about 4 lbs but I don't think its all fat. My upper body strength is increasing so some of it is muscle. Also, some of it is going to be water gain...because of stupid cheating. It will all fall off in a few days. I'm at 275 lbs now.

I bench pressed 100 lbs today...6 reps. Nice. My upper body workout is getting pretty intense.

It was funny...about a week ago. Heather and I were bringing in groceries. She was putting some away and I walked in toting two flats of bottle water. I yelled out, "Look Heather! I'm getting stronger!" She seemed impressed.

I did screw up pretty badly on that moral event day. I wore those size 40 jeans all day. They really cut into my side and screwed up that damaged nerve in my leg. I had to blow off a few of my cardio workouts while I recovered. Damn thing still hurts but it's not as bad as it was. I've been doing my 10 minute cardio on my lifting days. Tomorrow I'm going to try to doing my 20 minute cardio workout. We will see what happens. I should be okay.

Joseph came up to me today and asked, "Hey, you want to join the Fat Boys Club?" How rude. But that's Joseph for you. They are putting together a group of folks that want to drop some weight and having them all throw in $20 and we will all keep track of our progress. What the hell? I'll join up. If I win, great...if I don't win, that's cool too. At least I'll make progress.


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