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September 9, 2006

Saturday...I made it through week 2. :P I've been pretty tired all week. Still not accustom to the higher metabolism. Funny that I'm burning at a higher rate, but it keeps me tired all the time. I'm thinking I might need to switch to a 9 hour sleep schedule to give me enough recovery time.

Anyway...I'll log in my official weight tomorrow...but my unofficial weight is 278 lbs. That's 14 lbs down from my max weight (which was 292...I had to go back in the journal and find it).

Down 14 lbs is pretty good. That's near 5% of my body weight. Not too shabby.

I tried squeezing into a pair of my size 40s...no go. I could get them on...but couldn't fasten them. But that's cool...I'll get there. I'm already doing great. Just need to stay focused.

But overall I'm feeling better. I'm less likely to just sit around all day. I want to get up and do stuff...even if I don't have the energy to do much before resting.

The house is getting cleaner. I usually clean up the kitchen right after my workout. It gives me something to do while I cool off...before taking my shower.

I'm starting to notice some small differences in the mirror. My face is thinner...my upper chest has some muscle showing up...my belly fat is starting to shrink a bit...and my legs are getting some of their muscle back. I even noticed my thighs rubbing together a couple days ago (that's opposed to them being so fat they just stayed plastered together so tightly that they couldn't move unless I took extra long, exaggerated steps).


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