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September 27, 2006

I left my damn thumb drive at the office so I didn't get any entries done for the last few days.

Official weight for last week was 270 lbs. But I promptly put on 4 lbs on my cheat day. Blah...

It's Wednesday now and I've taken off 3 of those 4 lbs. So, I'm not that worried about it. The other pound will fall off in the next day or so. It's the pound after that that I'm excited about. That will push me into the 260s.

I'm wearing size 40s now. They are still a bit snug, but that's okay.

The added protein in the mornings is making a difference. My upper body weights have been adjusted up.

The last couple days I've been having some light carb attacks. Nothing I can't handle but stronger urges than I'd been having.

I'm worried about today. It's going to be a double whammy. Morale event at Baileys...then a birthday party at Red Robin. I need to be strong and avoid eating ANY of the foods at these places. Baileys I know will not have anything remotely healthy. I'm not sure about Red Robin. I'll have to watch it closely. And NO freckled lemonade!


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