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September 23, 2006

I'm a little worried now. I'm at 270 lbs. I mean hurray weight loss but I hope it is not muscle mass. I need to sit down and figure out what my caloric intake is so I can make sure I'm not starving myself too much.

Mary noticed my weight loss. But she might have just been trying to be polite. I'm noticing differences...small ones. Like my deodorant...yeah...it sounds weird when you say it. What I mean is when I put my deodorant on, I don't have to stretch like I used to. Partly because my 'underarm' is smaller and partly because some of the chest fat that was in my way before is gone.

I tried something last night. I found out that I am able to slide out of size 42 pants without unfastening them.

I'm putting these in again so I can find them more easily.

292 - 2006's old weight
285 - 2005's old weight
272 - 2004's old weight
267 - 2003's old weight
262 - 2002's old weight
258 - 2001's old weight
253 - 2000's old weight
249 - 1999's old weight
244 - 1998's old weight
239 - 1997's old weight
235 - 1996's old weight
230 - 1995's old weight (approx weight I was when I got married)
226 - 1994's old weight (approx weight when I met Heather)
221 - 1993's old weight (approx weight when I moved in with Mike and Mary)
216 - 1992's old weight
212 - 1991's old weight
207 - 1990's old weight
203 - 1989's old weight
200 - Major milestone!
198 - 1988's old weight
193 - 1987's old weight
189 - 1986's old weight
184 - 1985's old weight (approx weight when I joined the Navy)
180 - 1984's old weight (approx weight when I graduated from high school)


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