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September 21, 2006

WOW!!! BIG NEWS! WEEEEEE! I hit 272 lbs. That means I dropped 20 lbs! WOOPIE!!!

Something else happened yesterday that I forgot to enter into the journal. You know when you go down stairs, you do it one of two ways?
1. The slow, careful way
2. The fast way...which is more of a controlled fall

Because of my weight and the problems with my knees, I always did the safe way. I couldn't trust my knees to keep up with the other way. It was second nature for me to take it slow on the stairs.

Yesterday, I was heading down from the 3rd floor and I was half way down when I realized that my legs were moving fast and I was doing the controlled fall. Surprisingly, my knees didn't seem to care. I was keeping up without a problem. SWEET

Jose noticed my weight loss today. That's cool. Guys don't normally talk about weight, so it is not often that some one points out that I'm smaller. Even if they notice, they are more likely to keep it to themselves.

I've been going back and looking at my old entries. I wish I knew what I know now back then. I've lost so much ground in the last year because of one thing or another.

Seriously, I'm feeling great and still excited about my new path. I feel something inside of me...helping me... Its really hard to describe. I KNOW I'm going to make it this time. I've undone most of the damage of the last two years (which was pretty sizable compared to the damage done in earlier years) and then I can keep going and undo more.

The lowest I've ever gotten my weight to since this all started was 252 lbs. I'm going to catch up to that and then I'm going to blow it the hell away.

I've been reading how I can add muscle growth by taking in just a small amount of protein right after my workout. I picked up some whey and I'm going to give it a try.


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