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September 20, 2006

Added ZMASS and an NAC to my plan a few days ago. Take it at night about a half hour before bed. I've been sleeping great and the recovery I get from it has been nice. I feel like a new person when I get up.

Unofficial weight is at 273 lbs! That's down 19 lbs. Not too shabby.

This morning was upper body. I tweaked my weights up so by the time I was finished, I was pretty shaky.

I think back to how I was feeling just a few weeks ago...and it was just 'blah'. I was just drifting from day to day. Looking to TV and video games to give me something to keep my attention focused so I didn't have to think about how I felt inside. The thing was that I didn't really notice I was doing it. All my days were pretty much the same, so I didn't have anything to compare it to. How could I get anything done? It took all my energy just to pull myself through the day. I didn't have any to spare for housework, or yardwork...or anything. It was a real zombie state (kind of like Utah). The first week on the plan was so hard. I was more tired than ever. The term 'drag ass' comes to mind. Before, I was just pulling myself around, but that first week I was dragging my ass around. After that it got lots easier. The workouts were still draining but I was finding that my energy replenished faster...and a few hours after my workouts, I was alert and ready to go. And that 'zombie' feeling is all gone. I haven't felt this awake since...well since the first time I attempted BFL. Now I don't really like sitting around doing nothing for hours. I want to get stuff done. Even in the evenings, when I take my walk, I'm not doing it for the exercise. I'm doing it to get out of the house for a bit and move around

Anyway, I need to wrap this up and get to work. I might add more later.

Oh, I wore size 40s yesterday. Went to Pei Wei with that and a black shirt on. I looked thinner than I have in awhile. I'm still pretty fat but I’m carrying it better now.

Heather bought me some boxers...ah...size 42 - 44. Hey, I could have used those a few months ago. Now they are just something comfy to wear around the house. Lol

If I stay on schedule for this week, I'll be down to 272 lbs at my official weigh in. That will put me to 20 lbs of weight loss. I shouldn't count my chickens before they are hatched (or count my fat before I burn it) but it is nice to add it all up every now and then to see how I'm coming along.

Weight loss aside, I'm making progress in other areas too. My strength has been increasing. Definition in my leg muscles is also increasing. I can FEEL new muscle mass forming up under some of my fat deposits. Oh...and there is the walk thing. I can't remember if I entered this into the journal earlier or not. So hear is the full story...

A few weeks back I took a walk one evening to get some exercise and I bumped into one of my neighbors who was out walking his dog. I asked him if he minded if I came along.

In my mind I was thinking, "This guy is old enough to be my grandpa. Even with my advanced weight, I should be able to keep up with this guy, NO PROBLEM."

We got about half way done and I'm huffing and puffing and this guy isn’t breaking a sweat. And to make it worse, he's telling me about how his dog is getting up in years and having arthritis in one of his back legs. So we have to take it slow for him. Good thing it was night and he couldn't see just how flushed I was or how heavy I was breathing.

By the time I get home, I'm a mess. My shins were killing me, I'm absolutely drenched in sweat, and my ego is bruised because I just got walked to death by this scrawny old man and his arthritic dog.

The good news is I can walk that same distance now without much fuss. I still break a sweat but I don't get winded and my legs aren't complaining. So when I see my neighbor again, I'm going to tell him to 'bring it'.

He'll probably leave the dog at home and show me what he's really made of. lol


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