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September 15, 2006

Weird day yesterday. I ate my normal amount but I was still pretty hungry when I went to bed. Took me awhile to fall asleep...5 or 20 minutes (hey, that's a long time for me). But I slept VERY deep. Had a good recovery type sleep.

Unofficial weight is 274 lbs. WOW! That means I'm down 18 lbs from my max weight. And its only Friday. I have two more days before my official weigh in day and I'm already ahead of schedule (the normal 2 lbs a week loss would have put me at 275 lbs this week). I know not to obsess on weight loss. Progress cannot be properly measured in just lost pounds. I know that I'm putting on weight at the same time in the form of new muscle mass. But at my weight, my fat loss should be at a faster rate than my muscle gain.


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