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September 5, 2006

Journal on the thumb drive now. So I can make entries from home too...or on the road. Monday came and went without me falling off the wagon. Heather and I had a bit of a fight over it though. I was trying to stay focused and I thought she was trying to derail me. Looking back on it, that was pretty silly. Heather has always supported me when I try to lose weight. It was just a big misunderstanding.

The last couple days have been pretty exhausting. I'm at the part of the diet where my metabolism is starting to get into high gear but my body isn't quite ready for all the activity yet. It's really weird. I get bored of sitting around pretty quickly. So I get up to do something...anything...and I'm really wearing my self out because I'm not used to all that activity anymore. I was up on the roof today cleaning out one of the gutters that had gotten clogged.

Stuff is starting to get done around the house. I've cooked enough food to last me a couple weeks...at least.

What I haven't been doing is playing video games. I'm sort of bored with World of Warcraft. I sign on just to do my auctions. Then I get off and do something else. If it keeps up like this, I might just close the accounts down. But the new expansion is coming out next month. So I might wait until then. If I'm not back in the mood to play, I'll drop out. At this point, I have so many other things I rather be doing.

Anyway...that's all for now.


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