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January 9, 2004

Okay, I'm am pretty arm free at this point. Maybe I should just learn to feed myself with my feet.

Egg Beaters scrambled eggs for breakfast
Myoplex shake
Chicken breast for lunch...I forgot my carrots
Tryoplex bar
Crab legs and a banana for dinner
10 bottles of water

1 NAC - Before bed
4 ZMASS-PM - Before bed

Tonight is upper body again. My arms are still pretty sore from Monday.

My digestion seems to be changing. Probably because of the fiber in the Myoplex shakes. I can feel some new business going on inside. Major reduction in the bloated feeling that I have been getting. And I am not passing gas so much anymore.

Something else that I have noticed. I used to drink 4 or 5 sodas a day. I quit that cold turkey and so far I haven't had a caffeine withdrawal headache. Nice!

Bench press 10/12/20/25/10
DB lateral raise 10/12/20/25/10
Incline bench press
Cable Front Pulldown
DB shoulder press 10/12/20/25/10
Curls 10/12/20/25/10
DB triceps extension 10/12/20/25/10

Heather insisted on getting my 'before' pictures tonight. We want to get them before I loose too much weigh. I love her for being so supportive. And she pointed out that both my face and upper abdomen were smaller. I knew that I had lost weight from my face, but I thought I was imaging that my upper abdomen was smaller.

Had to pull my pants up a few times today. I didn't think about it at first but these are the same pants that used to bite into me and leave deep creases in my skin if I didn't wear them unbuttoned.

Weighed in at 256lbs.


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