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September 1, 2004

Weight is at 254lbs. I would probably be doing better if I could get some sleep. Just one thing or another keeping me from going to bed when I should. I need to put a stop to that.

This is week5 on BFL, when I get to the end, it will be my half way mark. I will need to put a post on the site catching everyone up on my progress.

Got my pictures back. Now I can see a week1 vs week4 comparison. It is different. I just had hoped I would be farther along than where I am. I am making progress and its great but I wanted more.

I missed my goal for August, but that's cool. I set it pretty high. So I readjusted my monthly goals by 5 pounds. So September's new goal is 245 lbs. It's doable.

I'm just pissy about not being under 250 lbs yet. That's a major milestone for me, and I am not getting it. I had it before and I just haven't got back to it yet. Plus, I am sleepy so I am not in a good mood. I had to skip my workout this morning so I could get the extra hour of sleep. And it's my upper body, which is my favorite. I will try to do it tonight but it's hard to work out and then try to sleep.

Made a big pot of chili for this week. It turned out great. The cooking is probably one of the best things about all of this.


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