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August 21, 2004

Got my official weight for this week...256 lbs! Yeah! I posted the following on the NC Body for Life site...

Well, as week 4 comes to a close, I thought I would bring you up todate on my progress.

Starting weight - 272lbs
Week 4 weight - 256lbs

Starting pants size - 42
Week 4 pants size - 38

Starting energy level at 5am - Hit the snooze button again...
Week 4 energy level at 5am - 23minute cardio workouts and weight training (alternating days)

Starting sleep - About 5 hours a night
Week 4 sleep - About 8 hours a night

Starting water intake - "There is water in Pepsi, right?"
Week 4 water intake - Approx a gallon a day

Starting Pepsi intake - About a 2 liter a day
Week 4 Pepsi intake - I get a 2 liter for my free day and dump theunused portion down the drain when my free day is over

Starting meals - Lunch and Dinner...total pig outs...lots of pizza,burgers, all sorts of junk.
Week 4 meals - Everything I eat is made from the "Eating for Life"book. I cook about 3 or 4 days of food at a time, freeze it, andgrab what I need as I head out in the morning. I replace two mealswith Myoplex ready to drink shakes. If I forget my shakes at home,I keep a stash of Promax bars in my desk drawer.

Starting workouts - "Hey, this TV remote doesn't lift itself!"
Week 4 workouts - 6 times a week...amazing how you can MAKE time to do something

Starting yard work - One hour and I am beat...give me that Pepsi!
Week 4 yard work - After 4 hours...I should probably give it a rest.

Starting feeling - "Blah...I feel like a great big fat person."
Week 4 feeling - "EEEK!! I am a thin person trapped inside this fatguy! MUST GET OUT!"

I was in the shower the other day. I ran my hand over my arm andfelt some weird lumps under my skin. I had to do a double take.Then I realized that it was just new muscle mass...thank you Bowflex.

People at work haven't noticed the weight difference yet. But they do register that SOMETHING is different. People ask if I got a hair cut or if I am wearing a new shirt. They just can't place what it is that's changed. I try not to be to put off by that. At my weight, 16 lbs is just 5% of my total body weight. I can see where people might not notice. My wife says that she can tell the difference. I can't see it myself but I live in this skin...so I see it too often to notice a difference. But then again, my body is pretty clever about hiding little bits of fat all over. I will probably need to burn off these small fat reserves before I get to the big one. But hey, it took me 20 years to put on all this weight, it's going to take some time to take it off.

One day I was doing yard work, and our roommate came out of thehouse and said he could really see a difference. So that was nice. I was sporting my size 38 pants and my wife admitted that the size 42s that I used to wear were "very unflattering". One of my friends asked me if I had grown a beard since I saw him last. This is funny because I have had a beard since I got out of the Navy, back in 1987. That about brings you all up to date.


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