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August 14, 2004

Well, I ended up cheating yesterday. I was doing just fine...had my whole day planned out, work on the house, rest and cook my meals, then take Heather to the theater. Then Buddy sprung a surprise on us. "Oh, I need to go to the theater early". Great, now I am going to be stuck on the wrong side of Charlotte for hours, no healthy food in sight, no way to get the rest I need...and had been counting on. Damn it, I could just shoot him. All my planning up in smoke.

Ended up having a slice at Fuel Pizza. A three week perfect record down the freaking drain.

Anyway, my unofficial weigh in has me 12 lbs down. Which is pretty good I guess. That puts me at 260 lbs. I need to get to 250 before the month is up. That's 10 more lbs and only a couple of weeks to do it in. I don't know if I can...or even if I should. Let's see how I feel after the official weigh in today. At this point, I am just happy to be under 265 again.

Second entry
I guess I was pretty upset about that whole Buddy thing. I think I just needed to get it down on paper before I could cool off. I'm fine now. Typical Bobbo temper...get really mad and then get over it quick. I think it makes him nervous. I should probably tell him that I'm harmless...I just have a nasty bark.

Official weigh in has me at 259 lbs. That's down 13 lbs from my start weight. Not bad. Heather and Buddy went on and on about how much better I look. I just don't see it. If it wasn't for the change in pants sizes, I would be able to see it at all. I guess I am just too close. This is the end of week 3...I just hoped I could see something. But I will keep going. I have a long way to go yet.


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