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August 27, 2004

This hasn't been my best week. I had an off day...went straight for the pizza. Then at our team meeting, they had pizza. And you know you can't have pizza without something to wash it down with...like Pepsi.

My weight stayed pretty steady tho, I am still sitting at 255lbs but I should have lost a couple more pounds by now. They say that people have a hard time continuing after week4, and this is week5 for me. But I did get back on the horse after that. Cardio yesterday, lower body today.

August 21, 2004

Got my official weight for this week...256 lbs! Yeah! I posted the following on the NC Body for Life site...

Well, as week 4 comes to a close, I thought I would bring you up todate on my progress.

Starting weight - 272lbs
Week 4 weight - 256lbs

Starting pants size - 42
Week 4 pants size - 38

Starting energy level at 5am - Hit the snooze button again...
Week 4 energy level at 5am - 23minute cardio workouts and weight training (alternating days)

Starting sleep - About 5 hours a night
Week 4 sleep - About 8 hours a night

Starting water intake - "There is water in Pepsi, right?"
Week 4 water intake - Approx a gallon a day

Starting Pepsi intake - About a 2 liter a day
Week 4 Pepsi intake - I get a 2 liter for my free day and dump theunused portion down the drain when my free day is over

Starting meals - Lunch and Dinner...total pig outs...lots of pizza,burgers, all sorts of junk.
Week 4 meals - Everything I eat is made from the "Eating for Life"book. I cook about 3 or 4 days of food at a time, freeze it, andgrab what I need as I head out in the morning. I replace two mealswith Myoplex ready to drink shakes. If I forget my shakes at home,I keep a stash of Promax bars in my desk drawer.

Starting workouts - "Hey, this TV remote doesn't lift itself!"
Week 4 workouts - 6 times a week...amazing how you can MAKE time to do something

Starting yard work - One hour and I am beat...give me that Pepsi!
Week 4 yard work - After 4 hours...I should probably give it a rest.

Starting feeling - "Blah...I feel like a great big fat person."
Week 4 feeling - "EEEK!! I am a thin person trapped inside this fatguy! MUST GET OUT!"

I was in the shower the other day. I ran my hand over my arm andfelt some weird lumps under my skin. I had to do a double take.Then I realized that it was just new muscle mass...thank you Bowflex.

People at work haven't noticed the weight difference yet. But they do register that SOMETHING is different. People ask if I got a hair cut or if I am wearing a new shirt. They just can't place what it is that's changed. I try not to be to put off by that. At my weight, 16 lbs is just 5% of my total body weight. I can see where people might not notice. My wife says that she can tell the difference. I can't see it myself but I live in this skin...so I see it too often to notice a difference. But then again, my body is pretty clever about hiding little bits of fat all over. I will probably need to burn off these small fat reserves before I get to the big one. But hey, it took me 20 years to put on all this weight, it's going to take some time to take it off.

One day I was doing yard work, and our roommate came out of thehouse and said he could really see a difference. So that was nice. I was sporting my size 38 pants and my wife admitted that the size 42s that I used to wear were "very unflattering". One of my friends asked me if I had grown a beard since I saw him last. This is funny because I have had a beard since I got out of the Navy, back in 1987. That about brings you all up to date.

August 20, 2004

Down 15 lbs as of this morning. Had a flash craving for pizza last night...darn TV commercials. But I drank some water and fell asleep instead. Missed taking my night time supplements but that's okay. Missing them now and then probably won't have that much affect.

Had lower body this morning. I hate doing lower body. It's so boring. Upper body is way more fun. But I don't have upper body again until Monday.

I completely blew off cardio last night. I was just too tired. Figured I would be better off getting some rest.

August 19, 2004

I got my new set of scales in the mail yesterday. They came with good and bad news. My body fat percentage is way higher than I thought, 48%. But my overall weight is down to 258. This puts me at my old weight from 2001. And it means that I have dropped 5% of my total body weight. Not bad, not bad.

Also, yesterday, I started wearing size 38 pants again.

August 14, 2004

Well, I ended up cheating yesterday. I was doing just fine...had my whole day planned out, work on the house, rest and cook my meals, then take Heather to the theater. Then Buddy sprung a surprise on us. "Oh, I need to go to the theater early". Great, now I am going to be stuck on the wrong side of Charlotte for hours, no healthy food in sight, no way to get the rest I need...and had been counting on. Damn it, I could just shoot him. All my planning up in smoke.

Ended up having a slice at Fuel Pizza. A three week perfect record down the freaking drain.

Anyway, my unofficial weigh in has me 12 lbs down. Which is pretty good I guess. That puts me at 260 lbs. I need to get to 250 before the month is up. That's 10 more lbs and only a couple of weeks to do it in. I don't know if I can...or even if I should. Let's see how I feel after the official weigh in today. At this point, I am just happy to be under 265 again.

Second entry
I guess I was pretty upset about that whole Buddy thing. I think I just needed to get it down on paper before I could cool off. I'm fine now. Typical Bobbo temper...get really mad and then get over it quick. I think it makes him nervous. I should probably tell him that I'm harmless...I just have a nasty bark.

Official weigh in has me at 259 lbs. That's down 13 lbs from my start weight. Not bad. Heather and Buddy went on and on about how much better I look. I just don't see it. If it wasn't for the change in pants sizes, I would be able to see it at all. I guess I am just too close. This is the end of week 3...I just hoped I could see something. But I will keep going. I have a long way to go yet.

August 11, 2004

I had a small victory last night. I found that I could slide out of my size 40s without undoing the button. They are getting a bit baggy. Soon I will be moving into the 38s.

August 10, 2004

Today's cardio rocked. I am really pushing the high points more than I was. Not much new to add. Shirts seem a bit looser but I could just be fooling myself. I did get my hair cut today. I had been putting it off because the shorter hair tends to make my head look fatter. But I thought I lost enough fat from my face so it wouldn't look so bad. Looks okay, I guess.

August 9, 2004

My free day sucked. Ate a bunch of crap, felt awful, spent alot of time in the bathroom.

August 7, 2004

YAWN! Man, I can't get it together this morning. I must have hit the snooze button 4 times. But I still got my workout done. Had the weirdest dream last night about an ancient pie and a multicolored laser.

Today's the big weigh in day. I hope I didn't lose any ground. The spaghetti and meatballs that I have been chowing on are very filling.

Second entry
Yeah, I weighed in at 261. That's a loss of 11 pounds.

August 6, 2004

Weighed in at the YMCA yesterday (unofficially). I am down to 261, that's 11 lbs down! That puts me at my old 2002 weight! Two years of weight gain have been reversed. Nice.

My cardio workout are up to 22 minutes with a 2 minute cool down. The weights on my weight training are close to where they need to be.

August 5, 2004

Just a quick note about my last entry...my weigh in showed that I was down 7 lbs. Which puts me on schedule for my plan. My plan was to end the month at 265lbs and that's exactly where I was on the last day of the month. My goal for the end of this month is 250lbs. Big goal!

I made a list of milestones so I would always have something to compare to...

272 - July 2004's weight
267 - 2003's old weight
265 - July's end of the month goal
262 - 2002's old weight
258 - 2001's old weight
258 - Loss of 5% of my body weight
255 - August's end of the month goal
253 - 2000's old weight
249 - 1999's old weight
245 - September's end of the month goal
244 - 1998's old weight
244 - Loss of 10% of my body weight
239 - 1997's old weight
235 - 1996's old weight
231 - Loss of 15% of my body weight
230 - October's end of the month goal
230 - 1995's old weight (approx weight I was when I got married)
226 - 1994's old weight (approx weight when I met Heather)
221 - 1993's old weight (approx weight when I moved in with Mike and Mary)
220 - November's end of the month goal
217 - Loss of 20% of my body weight
216 - 1992's old weight
215 - December's end of the month goal
212 - 1991's old weight
207 - 1990's old weight
205 - January's end of the month goal
204 - Loss of 25% of my body weight
203 - 1989's old weight
200 - Major milestone!
199 - February's end of the month goal
198 - 1988's old weight
193 - 1987's old weight
190 - Loss of 30% of my body weight
189 - 1986's old weight
184 - 1985's old weight (approx weight when I joined the Navy)
180 - 1984's old weight (approx weight when I graduated from high school)