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July 31, 2004

Small victory last night. I had my first real 'carb attack'. I had been doing just fine, then suddenly it ALL LOOKED SOOOO GOOD! Cookies, pies, white bread, soda, oh...oh...I wanted it all. And it happened in the grocery store..and on an empty stomach. But I survived and I didn't cheat. I just kept saying, "Okay you foods, stop tempting me. I will be back on Sunday to eat you then." The gummy bears seemed to understand. I think the carb reduction is making me a bit crabby though. I made a bit of an ass of myself earlier. This happened last time, but I didn't really understand why I was getting so grouchy.

Anyway, I had a pretty good work out this morning (upper body). I am starting to get the goals set around where they should be to get the high intensity work out that I am after. There are still a couple of weights that I need to increase next time I do upper body. But for the most part, I am pretty close.

Starting to get a decent amount of sleep at night. Heather seemed disappointed when I tried to go to bed at 9pm. When I explained it to her, she understood but she still didn't like missing her time with me. She's so wonderful. I did stay up a bit longer, but only a bit.

Today is my official weigh in day. I will run off to the YMCA during my lunch hour and find out how I am doing. I was down 6 lbs two days ago. So I am hoping to have 1 more pound lost. That would put me on goal for this month.


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