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July 29, 2004

I made the turkey burger last night. It was very tasty. I had wondered about it when I was mixing it in the bowl. It was very weak and goopy. I had thought I might have made a mistake and added too much egg or something. But it firmed up on the grill. I made several extra so I could eat on them for awhile.

Can't remember if I had said earlier, I found an online support group for BFL folks in the NC area. Pretty cool. It's nice to have some support from people living the plan.

Only 2 days until I can weigh in. I have managed to stay off the scales. The scale at home is pretty useless, so I am not really tempted by that one. And the drive home takes me in the opposite direction of the YMCA, so the temptation is limited there.

Second entry: Good for me, one of the vendors just come through with a basket of sweets. I turned them down. Yeah, me!


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