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July 16, 2004

Okay...I had some problems.

My car got broke into at the YMCA. They got my phone, my jacket, and my wallet. Bastards! I was so upset and discouraged that I just stopped all together. I did make an attempt to go to a different YMCA but after talking to the staff there, I got the impression that this sort of thing happened all the time no matter where you went to work out. Their attitude was very cavalier. I doubt that I will be going back...and if I do, I am NOT leaving anything in the car.

So I lost some ground. And gained some pounds. But it was kind of weird. I didn't gain it all back immediately. For awhile I just maintained my new weight and felt pretty good still. Then eventually, my metabolism slowed back down and my weight crept back up again. I am so sick of this. I was losing weight, I really was.

But good for me, I didn't just give up for good. I had to find a way to work out and not stress over the safety of my car. So I started shopping for a cardio machine to keep at the house. And it got delivered last night. Heather is pretty excited about it since she feels so self conscience when she's at the gym. I sort of do too, but I can put it out of my head and focus long enough to get done what I need to. But this is better. I know that most of the time, home gyms fail because they just don't get used. I need this so badly. This just works out better for my schedule.

I did my workout last night (not counting the one I got just moving the damn thing). And I know that the best time to do cardio is in the morning, I got up at 5am and did my thing again. I was pleased that I didn't have to go all the way back to a 10minute cardio workout. I can keep it up for about 20 minutes. So I didn't lose too much ground in that aspect.

However, my diet is a complete mess. I had hamburgers for breakfast and lunch (no bread, no cheese). I didn't do my shakes because I forgot to chill them last night. I had them warm ONE time...NEVER AGAIN. I spent the whole day feeling like I was going to barf at any second. Only a force of will and a fear of embarrassment kept me from tossing my cookies. Anyway, I will phase back into that. I don't want to change too much too quickly. I will have issues like I did in the beginning….felling deprived…that sort of thing.

Anyway, I just got the okay from Heather to buy a BoFlex. Between that and the elliptical machine, I won't need the gym for anything. That is unless I get into swimming or something like that. I scoped out the one that I want. It covers all the exercises that I need to do in addition to cardio. I think I will put in the order later today. It takes 4 weeks to deliver.

Felling kind of tired today. I didn't get enough sleep last night for all the new activity. I will need a nap when I get today wrapped up.

It's nice to be writing in the journal again. This time will be different. This time, I will get to a point where I am not fat.


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