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July 31, 2004

Small victory last night. I had my first real 'carb attack'. I had been doing just fine, then suddenly it ALL LOOKED SOOOO GOOD! Cookies, pies, white bread, soda, oh...oh...I wanted it all. And it happened in the grocery store..and on an empty stomach. But I survived and I didn't cheat. I just kept saying, "Okay you foods, stop tempting me. I will be back on Sunday to eat you then." The gummy bears seemed to understand. I think the carb reduction is making me a bit crabby though. I made a bit of an ass of myself earlier. This happened last time, but I didn't really understand why I was getting so grouchy.

Anyway, I had a pretty good work out this morning (upper body). I am starting to get the goals set around where they should be to get the high intensity work out that I am after. There are still a couple of weights that I need to increase next time I do upper body. But for the most part, I am pretty close.

Starting to get a decent amount of sleep at night. Heather seemed disappointed when I tried to go to bed at 9pm. When I explained it to her, she understood but she still didn't like missing her time with me. She's so wonderful. I did stay up a bit longer, but only a bit.

Today is my official weigh in day. I will run off to the YMCA during my lunch hour and find out how I am doing. I was down 6 lbs two days ago. So I am hoping to have 1 more pound lost. That would put me on goal for this month.

July 30, 2004

Well, I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped at the YMCA and did a weigh in. I just had to make sure I was really losing weight and I wasn’t just fooling myself. My new weight is 266lbs. That's down 6lbs from Saturday! I feel better now. I am almost back to the weight I was in January. One more pound and I will be on target for this month.

Cardio workout was up to 21 minutes today. Not bad...sneaking up on 30 minutes.

I figured out how much weight I gained on average each year since I graduated from high school.

The average yearly weight gain is 4.6 lbs...

1984 180
1985 184.6
1986 189.2
1987 193.8
1988 198.4
1989 203
1990 207.6
1991 212.2
1992 216.8
1993 221.4
1994 226
1995 230.6
1996 235.2
1997 239.8
1998 244.4
1999 249
2000 253.6
2001 258.2
2002 262.8
2003 267.4
2004 272

So if we play 'peeling back the years' I am currently at my 2003 weight.

July 29, 2004

I made the turkey burger last night. It was very tasty. I had wondered about it when I was mixing it in the bowl. It was very weak and goopy. I had thought I might have made a mistake and added too much egg or something. But it firmed up on the grill. I made several extra so I could eat on them for awhile.

Can't remember if I had said earlier, I found an online support group for BFL folks in the NC area. Pretty cool. It's nice to have some support from people living the plan.

Only 2 days until I can weigh in. I have managed to stay off the scales. The scale at home is pretty useless, so I am not really tempted by that one. And the drive home takes me in the opposite direction of the YMCA, so the temptation is limited there.

Second entry: Good for me, one of the vendors just come through with a basket of sweets. I turned them down. Yeah, me!

July 28, 2004

My new home gym is working out great! Best time for me to workout is as soon as I wake up. Then I am primed and ready for the day.

I noticed my face starting to hollow out. This is always the first place where I lose weight, which is nice because it’s very visual.

Mike has asked to join me in working out together. He came over for Monday and Tuesday already. I hope he sticks with it. I know he’s unhappy with the way he looks now. He hasn’t put on the kind of weight that I have, thou. Mostly he is looking to increase his upper body strength. He doesn’t think the food plan is practical for him. He might change his mind after what happened on Tuesday. Heather came in and asked what I had been cooking earlier. I had told her that I had a Spanish omelet from the Eating for Life book. She asked if I could fix her one. I think it made an impression on Mike how easy and quick it was to cook good food. Anyway, I am not going to force the issue. If he wants information, I will help him. But he needs to want it on his own. Pushing my path on others is just wrong.

Speaking of the Eating for Life book, this thing is great. So far, I have tried the Spanish omelet, tuna casserole, and the turkey sloppy joes. All have turned out great. Tonight I will try the turkey burgers. This is a major thing as one of my biggest issues with the first time I tried BFL was how restrictive I was making the diet. It was chicken, chicken, and more chicken. It got boring after a time. Now I have some great foods I can cook up and look forward to.

I do have something I need to work on, my sleeping. While at work, I tend to get enough sleep, and the same for the weekend. But moving from weekend mode to workweek mode gives me one night that I only get about 5 hours of sleep. I could sleep in an extra hour and do my first workout of the week later in the day. Or I could just get to bed earlier on my weekend days. I will have to think about it. But I need to get more sleep on that transition day.

I pushed my cardio up to 21 minutes.

Heather asked me to print out a workout plan for her and to help her with the Bowflex.

Second Entry: I am feeling better now. I was having trouble getting myself focused. I went downstairs and took a quick 1 hour nap for my lunch hour. But now that I am awake, I am REALLY wanting to stop at the YMCA on the way home and weigh in, just to check. Stay on target, Bobbo…..Stay on target. Only 3 days until you can weigh in.

July 24, 2004

Been a few days since my last entry. I have been delivering training and I don't like updating my journal while it's on the projection screen.

It took me two days to assemble the Bowflex. But I finally got to use it this morning. My arms are quivering from the work out. Not bad at all. I did about 5 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and then did an upper body work out on the Bowflex. It took me longer than I had planned on but part of that is getting used to switching things around and the different exercises. Plus, my Tivo server was on the blink. So I had to stop and fix that. Otherwise I would have had to work out with no music. YUCK.

Yesterday I borrowed the "Eating for Life" book from Eric (buff guy I work with, BFL success story). I tried out one of the recipes last night. Everyone loved it. I made extra so I could eat on it for the next few days.

Last week, I just did my two shakes and then a dinner when I got home. Today, I am bumping it up to 5 meals. Two shakes, two frozen left over meals from yesterday and I will cook something tonight. So roughly my time line should play out like this...

5am wake up
5am work out
6am drink 1 water to cool off and take multivitamin and flax seed oil
6am Shower, drive to work
7am shake
10am meal
1pm shake
4pm meal
6pm drive home
7pm dinner

Of course there are lots more water bottles mixed in there. I am drinking it like mad during the day.

I am making Saturday my weigh in day. So during my lunch break, I am going to go to the YMCA and use their scales. I will enter my weight in later. The scales at home just aren't that accurate. If I lean forward or to the sides at all it changes my weight by up to 10lbs. I am going to accept 270lbs as my starting weight but I haven't checked it since that day.

Second entry: My arms are really feeling it. This mornings work out is doing its thing. I hope I can make it to the end of today.

One of my coworkers, just told me that he is doing the Atkins diet. Everything I have read about that makes me cringe. All that mess can't be good for you. I like my plan. I feel good when I am on it. Atkins people always look so wore out.

Oh, something I forgot to mention from yesterday...I missed my workout completely. I had stayed up late Thursday night to get the gym setup, so I didn't get up at 5am to work out. I figured I would do it later in the day. Then when I got home from work, I cooked, ate and went upstairs to pass the time while my food settled. Well I fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until 11:30pm. So I just went to bed. I could have worked out but then I would be all wide awake and it would throw my sleeping off for another night. Better to just go to bed and work out at my planned time (5am).

Third entry: Well that sucks. I weighed in at the YMCA during my lunch break. My weight was 272lbs. I am pretty sure I lost some weight over the past two weeks, which meant I was probably at 275lbs. That's just too depressing. I am going to go with 270lbs as my start weight. 275 is just too close to 300. Steady Bobbo...stay focused. Okay...here are my new goals...

Jul - 265
Aug - 250
Sep - 240
Oct - 225
Nov - 215
Dec - 210
Jan - 199

July 16, 2004

Okay...I had some problems.

My car got broke into at the YMCA. They got my phone, my jacket, and my wallet. Bastards! I was so upset and discouraged that I just stopped all together. I did make an attempt to go to a different YMCA but after talking to the staff there, I got the impression that this sort of thing happened all the time no matter where you went to work out. Their attitude was very cavalier. I doubt that I will be going back...and if I do, I am NOT leaving anything in the car.

So I lost some ground. And gained some pounds. But it was kind of weird. I didn't gain it all back immediately. For awhile I just maintained my new weight and felt pretty good still. Then eventually, my metabolism slowed back down and my weight crept back up again. I am so sick of this. I was losing weight, I really was.

But good for me, I didn't just give up for good. I had to find a way to work out and not stress over the safety of my car. So I started shopping for a cardio machine to keep at the house. And it got delivered last night. Heather is pretty excited about it since she feels so self conscience when she's at the gym. I sort of do too, but I can put it out of my head and focus long enough to get done what I need to. But this is better. I know that most of the time, home gyms fail because they just don't get used. I need this so badly. This just works out better for my schedule.

I did my workout last night (not counting the one I got just moving the damn thing). And I know that the best time to do cardio is in the morning, I got up at 5am and did my thing again. I was pleased that I didn't have to go all the way back to a 10minute cardio workout. I can keep it up for about 20 minutes. So I didn't lose too much ground in that aspect.

However, my diet is a complete mess. I had hamburgers for breakfast and lunch (no bread, no cheese). I didn't do my shakes because I forgot to chill them last night. I had them warm ONE time...NEVER AGAIN. I spent the whole day feeling like I was going to barf at any second. Only a force of will and a fear of embarrassment kept me from tossing my cookies. Anyway, I will phase back into that. I don't want to change too much too quickly. I will have issues like I did in the beginning….felling deprived…that sort of thing.

Anyway, I just got the okay from Heather to buy a BoFlex. Between that and the elliptical machine, I won't need the gym for anything. That is unless I get into swimming or something like that. I scoped out the one that I want. It covers all the exercises that I need to do in addition to cardio. I think I will put in the order later today. It takes 4 weeks to deliver.

Felling kind of tired today. I didn't get enough sleep last night for all the new activity. I will need a nap when I get today wrapped up.

It's nice to be writing in the journal again. This time will be different. This time, I will get to a point where I am not fat.